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Summary for February 12, 2014 General Meeting
LPG Ballroom

Members present:  Kate Shumate, Ken Sime, Edythe Nedd, Fran Williams, Judy
Montgomery, and Tom Belsan 

Absent:    Ken Swenson 

The Meeting started at 7:05 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Kate introduced the Board and volunteers' then she  welcomed people and
thanked them for coming.
Kate told people who did not attend the Town Hall that items from the
meeting were in the Thesman Life Style and available at the front desk.

Kate read the minutes form December 2013.

Treasurer: December Balance $1580.47
Income: 0.00
Expenses: $57.07
Party: $611.15
Balanced: $912.25
January $912.25
Income: $12.00
Balance:  $924.25


Kate attend the AAMHO meeting and brought membership information and
information about the value of AAMHO.

Kate noted  the comments sheets are available and we would like ideas about
meeting presentations.

The Board suggested to Management that a refresher about CPR and AED usage
would be good.
On Tuesday February 18, 2014 at 6:00 PM in the Ballroom a talk from the Mesa
Fire Department will cover CPR and AED usage.

Comments from the people:

Eight inch White lines on the streets where the Stop Signs are located.

Children in the Hot Tub and management telling people it is OK.
The resident was there when the office Told someone it was OK.
The office is saying if the child is with an adult.

The dumpster ramp is still an issue.

People still not breaking down the cardboard boxes.

Young children driving golf carts.

Judy did the 4 Door prizes and 50/50 ($47.00 split).

Meeting adjourned.

Tom Belsan

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