[lpgma-board] Minutes of general meeting held April 9, 2014

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The meeting was called to order at 7 P.M. There were 35 members in attendance.  
Board members present were: Kate Shumate, Fran Williams, Ken Swensen, Ken Sime, 
and Judy Montgomery.  Absent were Tom Belsan and Edythe Nedd.  Vyda Bridwell 
volunteered to take the minutes.  After the pledge of Allegiance, Fran read the 
minutes of the March meeting and gave the treasurers report $924.95.  The 
minutes and treasurers report were approved as read. 
Kate thanked those residents who attended the meeting and told them it would be 
the last one until September and wished everyone a good summer.
Under old business-the parking issues were reported to management and the Board 
was told security would be more involved in large events.
New Business-there is a landscape issue at stop signs, homeowners need to trim 
the trees & bushes that block these signs.  It is a safety issue.
A resident questioned the board regarding the Arson incidents and any updates.  
Ken Sime reported nothing has happened since 3/13 and Rose has sent emails out 
with updates, the LPGMA had sent out emails & posted information on the 
website.  The investigation is ongoing.  Flyers were delivered to homes giving 
a timeline of events.  There was an arrest, but it was for drugs and the 
grandfather who was a resident was asked to leave and he did so.  Thesman is 
working on a silent witness line so people can remain anonymous when they 
report something suspicious.
A resident asked if there is a designated parking area for employees.  An 
employee has been parking on Palm Circle.  These spots should be reserved for 
those using the tennis courts and pools.
Ken Swensen reported the comment by Rose in her blog in the newspaper is 
inaccurate.  Management cannot enter your home to inspect work being done.  Ken 
also stated he has been on the Board for 7 or 8 years and can't seem to please 
some current board members and management and has decided to resign as of 
tonight.  Although the board has been able to get the pickle ball courts, speed 
limits, upgrades to the pool area and difibulators by working together.  It 
seems  rules can be changed-not broken.  Management picks and chooses the rules 
that can be broken. (the residents applauded)
Kate said we did not want to lose Ken, but we also need to have people 
volunteer for the Board.  Fran stated if we all quit, there will be no voice 
from residents to management and that is what will happen if everyone starts 
resigning and no one steps forward to replace them.
Ken Swensen reported AARP is assisting a community with increased water rates 
and it is something we should think about if we have a problem.
A new couple asked about the LPGMA, they didn't know it existed.  They wanted 
to know if we had by-laws and how to get more informed.  Kate told them we have 
a membership drive in Sept. and Oct. and we hand out literature at that time.  
An article is usually in the newsletter, on our website, and announced in the 
mail room.
A suggestion was made from the floor that all Thesman properties & resident 
boards share issues to review issues to see if all have similar complaints.
Ken Sime announced he has been hired as a security guard, but would remain on 
the board and assist with the neighborhood watch program that has been started.
Judy did the 50/50 drawing - Walter Fischer won $20.  She then proceed with 
prizes of gift cards and wine.
Kate thanked everyone again and hoped everyone enjoyed the coffee and cookies.
Bud Rolley motioned and Bill Shumate second the meeting adjourn.  The meeting 
adjourned at 8 PM
Vyda Bridwell, Resident
Kate Shumate, President

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