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LPGMA General Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance
Karen a Mesa Crime Prevention Officer told us about how to prevent crime in
our community. Karen is a 18 year member of the Mesa department and has been
in our area since 2010. 

Please lock your doors.

She ran the statistics from May to today and they look good.  Only one fraud
case and several fire department medical events.
Do not become complacent because the statistics look good Lock everything
and watch out for anything unusual

Keep your lights on outside your home.

Put insurance an registration information in the trunk of your car,
everything  with name and address in the trunk.
Non emergency number is 480-644-2211.

Bushes trimmed at 3 feet and trees trimmed up to 7 feet. Good quality
cameras mounted low enough to get views of faces and license plates are good

Kate read the minutes which were then approved.

  Treasurers report.
Balance forward from October $958.25
Income from memberships $591.00
Expenses  $5.00
Balance  $1,544.25

If you would like to be on the email list to be notified of meetings please
let us know and give us your email address Our Web Site is

Repot on LPG Chapel service. Rose would like to start on January 4. She is
meeting with Las Palmas to establish a model so that if other Thesman
properties wish to start a Chapel Service they will have a template.

Speeding is a 16 year old issue. What can we do. The current question is
about contractor and vendors that speed. The question was if we get the
plate name on the truck and go to the office what is done? Another person
said that one handyman has been banded. If this was for speeding or other
reasons is unknown.
Another resident reported that another handyman has been reported by several
residents and he is still speeding.
Gary Brigum has been reported and nothing has been done or he is ignoring
the office requests to obay the rules.

People complain about communications from the office. If you ask the office
they say Facebook but this is not used by even a small percentage of the
residents.  While email is used to send bills and communicates with a larger
percentage of the park. Why can't the office use email since they seem to be
able to use it for billing.

The issues brought up at the General meetings are taken to management the
week after the General meeting when the Board meets with Rose and sometimes
Todd and Karin.

A 15 year resident said that the management over the last few years is the
most unprofessional they have seen. The office does not know the rules so
they give out bad information.

The 50/50 and door prizes adjourned the meeting.

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