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Hello Again LPGMA Board.


Its yet another month, and it seems the same issues go on,
and on, and on. 

I won't belabor those that have been on the active list for


I would, however, like to share a couple of pictures I took
at The Resorts Chapel Service this Sunday.

Our favorite Pastor, Myron Nysether, was the guest Pastor,
and number of  attendees swelled (from
the normal 300 winter congregation), to 400 this week.

(see attachment pictures).


Les Jones mentioned at coffee that Rose/Nancy had a
"sign up" sheet on their bulletin board for anyone interested in
helping with Roses Chapel.

Don't know how long the sheet has been up (I hear more than
a week). In my opinion, it can stay up for moths and they will have the same
number of "volunteers".


Rose and Nancy have stated openly they Don't Want a Chapel Here! (not sure why, 
there is very little effort on their part to approve it). As with all the other 
parks, the RESIDENTS do all the managing and coordinating. Rose and Nancy seem 
to have plenty of time for 1 mile walks for 6 residents, employee birthday 
gatherings, doggie picture taking for 15 residents, etc. Canadian meet and 
greets for a couple dozen Residents. LOTS of energy spent on itty-bitty stuff. 
Then they ignore an opportunity to provide Religious Services for a hundred or 
more Residents that really need this on-site service. Go Figure.


I firmly believe two things. 1).  Rose and Nancy will be thrilled that no one
signs up. That way. They can prove "no Residents had any interest in a
Chapel here".

2). We all know that the real reason no one is signing up,
is that the Residents are "disgusted" to hear that Rose wants full
control of picking the Pastor herself, as well as the Choir, and anything
associated with a "Chapel" at LPG. Her/Nancy's
attitudes are totally opposite that displayed by numerous nearby Senior
Retirement parks (who have Very successful Chapels).

Rose has a reputation of "screwing up a good
thing" when she gets her claws into something. 

Good case in point: The Block Watch. Again, other nearby Sr.
Parks have successful Block Watch Programs (as we did until Rose
"fired" Pauline Werner). Since Rose decided she wanted things "HER"
way, not the Residents way - We no longer have a working Block Watch here (Not
my opinion - the Police Departments Crime Prevention Officers statement, the
last time she spoke here.


What good does it do to lament these issues. Again. None.
Ask almost anyone at any of the local Thesman Communities who has the worst
management, and the answer seems unanimous. LPG!


What chance do we have of getting a new Manager that shows
Residents Empathy, Respect, or Common Courtesies? It seems None. Michael
Thesman seems to be Very Happy with the way Rose, Todd, and Karin are treating
(or not treating) the Residents. Evidently they are carrying out Michaels 
to the letter - or a caring Owner would have had them out of hear years ago.  
Do you think Ernie Thesman would have put up
with the methods used by these characters? I don't.


You may share this as you please, or file it in the circular
file. The results will be the same I expect. I'm simply doing what Residents
have been told to do. Voice their opinions in writing, for the record.


Rip Davis

Rental space number 448


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