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Hi again, Kate.


Hope you've had a Great weekend. I thought I would drop you
a line after I attended last weeks AAMHO training session (where was everybody?
nobody from there (cept me) in 2014 or 2015). 

Has EVERYONE given up and thrown in the towel? I can't
do battle all alone,  yah - know.

Anyway, as I think you are having a LPGMA Board meeting this week?, some of the 
interesting (to me) items discussed


a). (old, but important). I expect very few residents are
aware they need to get a RELEASE from any notice to remedy letter or notice
from the office? If they don't get a signed release, the Resident has no proof
they fixed (whatever).  Three
(whatever's) in a twelve month period and Management can throw them out, if the
Resident cant produce  proof they were


b). No Resident can have anyone under 18 stay for over 14
days. (does not mean 24 hour days). If someone is watching their Grandchildren
on a regular basis for more than the 14 days, this constitutes "running a
day care" which breaks the "Home Business" rule in the lease. No
pay? No matter. If any food, diaper, ect. are provided - they are
"receiving compensation". Surprised me this was a "law".


c). (I'm calling the AAMHO office for more info on this one)
- Existing/approved PET RULES "must
be complied with by Management/Sales when approving new tenants". WOW.
If this is true, Rose and Mike have been breaking the rules for an awful lot of
pet owners who they are letting in with Dogs WAY bigger than the limit (some
look like small ponies) and several more pets than the limit? One lady was seen
walking in front of the Clubhouse on Saturday with FIVE dogs. When asked, she
indicated four of the five were brothers and sisters and then she had a
"wiener dog" also. I enjoy animals, but I don't enjoy Management
being able to just "make up any rule they wish" - yet require/demand
that Residents follow whichever rule that makes the manager happy on that
particular day?


d). DISCRIMINATION: Something hard to prove on an individual
case by case basis, but easier to prosecute when its proven, over time,
that  Management is not treating an
individual, or group of individuals, differently. In my estimation, this
happens here, on almost a daily basis, since the owners passing in 2010. (If it
can't be considered Discrimination, then "Retaliations" following
someone(s) actions that "irritate" members of management?). Hey,  that's what 
was presented at the meeting . .
. Just reporting.


e). (I'm calling the AAMHO office for more info on this one):
55+ Residents can obtain a form to fill out that removes them from obligation
to pay School Taxes in their District? Sounds Weird - But.


f). If management can prove that 80% of "Rent
Increase" (or whatever "official notice") was successfully
delivered within the community - then no Resident can claim they were not


Well - that covers most of my personal notes taken at the


Couple things - just FYI:


1). Attached is a sheet that I put together when reviewing
my notebook(s). I decided to list, by date, "issues" that management
has decided to object to when I (quite
innocently, mind you) brought things to their attention that appeared to either
break local/state/Federal/HUD laws, that they were not following their own
Lease mandates or published "Architectural Standards" (water flowing
freely down the streets, encroachment of landscaping materials on Residents
lots, overgrowth, dead stuff, grass 12" tall across the street from our
home, etc., etc). OR  - Ignoring that RULES MUST APPLY IN A FAIR MANNER TO ALL 
TENANTS. It appears (see attachment with yellow highlights)
that, closely following many of my chats
with management - Quick/immediate Retaliations took place in almost every
instance. Seems to be the "management style" since 2010. (You
guys be the judge).


Lastly, something that I thought was kind of
"funny" (I know I'm accused of having something of a weird sense of humor").  I 
passed by the Library on Friday and saw Dale
Draheim in our Library @ 3:30pm. As
Dale had not had a real healthy 2014, I took the opportunity to chat. Dale was
sitting at the middle computer. A woman I didn't know was at the rear computer,
and a lady I know (but can't remember right now) was looking at books near the 
Somewhere in our conversation I related the following to him:

1). We saw Jerry and Karen Plumm @ Home show today. They
related "they were VERY happy to

           leave here, and their new community atmosphere
is much happier. TRUE STORY.

2). We saw Gene and Carol (Werner) yesterday. Same Story.

3). We saw Al Paone. Same Story. (emails verify). TRUE

4). A new Home Owner (less than two weeks) Relates that
"Rose is real piece of art - and not a very

           nice person".


      The Lady at the 3rd computer mumbled
" YOU are a real piece of art".  (TRUE
STORY) ;  )


Dale related later that the
lady on the 3rd computer was named Pat and she and her husband lived with a
Mother and Father? on 5th street. He says she also works for Rose in the office 
on occasion. Oopps -

I'll be getting a letter from
Kerin in a day or two for "Bad Mouthing Management"

QUESTION: Is it "Bad
Mouthing" if what you say is absolute Truth, and can be coo berated?


[5] also add: Herb and Sheila McCrossen who are tickled pink
to have move to a MUCH nicer place]

[6]  also add: Rich
& Cindy Molnar. (Driven out by management because of Sales competition].


PS: I also came across my Lawyers letter (attached) to
LPG/Thesman Management when, once again, management decided to Retaliate,
following a letter to the Owner in California
on Safety Issues.

I think that what the
Lawyer stated at that time, is just as applicable, now - as it was then.


Nothing here that's "Secret" that I know of. Feel free to share (or not) as you 


Rip Davis

Hole-in-the-ground #448




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