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  • Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2013 14:15:58 -0700

Summary for December 11, 2013 General Meeting
LPG Ballroom 7 PM
Members present: Kate Shumate, Fran Williams, Ken Swenson, Ken Sime, Judy 
Montgomery, and Sue Sime.
Absent: Edythe Nedd, Mary Jane Grabowski, and Tom Belsan.
The meeting started at 7:10 PM. Kate welcomed everyone and thanked them for 
coming.  She also announced there were cookies and coffee for everyone.  We had 
the Pledge of Allegiance before starting the meeting.
Fran read the minutes of the October meeting, since the party was held in 
November and the general meeting was cancelled.  No additions or corrections, 
the minutes were approved as read.
Fran also gave the Treasurers Report as $1580.47.  This balance will be amended 
after all the items for the party are deducted, the current balance will be 
given at our next meeting to show all deposits and deductions.
Kate reported there were 9 members who joined tonight for 2014.
Topics of discussion:
*Pickle Ball and when will it start.  Ken Sime reported there will be a ribbon 
cutting before the end of the month and there will be people who are 
experienced that will teach residents how to play the game.  Ken Swenson said 
on Fridays at 6:30 PM there are people playing Pickle Ball on the tennis court 
and anyone is welcome to watch.  Vyda Bridwell asked about liability insurance 
if someone gets injured while playing.  This was something that would have to 
be answered by Management.
*Parking at mailroom still a problem.  Vyda said it is not the dancers and 
suggested cones be placed under the signs so the can be seen when someone pulls 
in to park.  Sales carts are not being parked at the construction office so 
there is space there.  Fran stated cars come by on Palm Circle too fast and 
when you are backing out it is difficult to see oncoming traffic if you are 
parked next to a large vehicle or truck.  People need to slow down around the 
*Residents on Cyprus Street reported the street is crumbling and needs to be 
Kate reminded everyone about the Town Hall Meeting on January 8  and a number 
of these concerns should be brought up at that time.  Make a note to yourself 
and be sure to attend the meeting to voice these concerns.
Ken Swenson said there had been some complaints to the office regarding feral 
cats on 7th & Inverness and traps would be placed to capture them.
One resident stated she had taken a cat in to a shelter and had to pay $100 if 
it was caged, but there was no cost when the kittens were in a box.
Fran spoke to those present regarding the continuance of the LPGMA.  There are 
a few on the Board who have served longer than they should due to the lack of 
residents willing to serve on the Board.  She, like the rest of the Board, does 
not want the LPGMA to go away.  We have a good relationship with management and 
want to continue to be the voice of the residents, but we need new people to 
come forward and serve.
AAMHO was discussed and Kate told them about the good that they can do when we 
need a bigger voice.  It is $30 per family per year.  You can attend their 
meetings and you get a lot of information on what is going on at other parks 
and some of their problems and how they were resolved.  Kate will be attending 
the AAMHO meeting on Saturday, December 14 and will get current applications 
and report anything news worthy at the next general meeting.
Judy did the door prizes and the 50/50 drawing.
The meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM
Kate Shumate, President    

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