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The Dream Of Life - Part Four
Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
The Steps To Kindom

26th October 2011


57 Minutes 30 Seconds

The Steps To Kindom
Is an explanation of the steps we take to get out of "The System"
& achieve a world of  freedom, truth, peace, joy, abundance & do no harm for all of life,
without loss of uniqueness or the need for slaves & rulers.

What is Kindom? A group of brothers & sisters of life who feel the bonds of kinship &
form a tribe together to support & care for each other, working together to provide the
needs for everyone of the tribe.

A Kin Domain refers to the area of land given to each family, usually a hectare is sufficient,
where they build their home & grow their food forest. When we eat only raw, living food,
we can easily grow all we need &, as our bodies adapt more & more to this way of life,
we no longer need refrigerators, electricity, gas, air conditioning, heating, etc. 
Our footprint on Earth is feather light.

Life/nature is information & the information we put into our bodies determines our lives.
When we feed our bodies with lifeless, processed food full of toxins,
we end up with a sick, toxic body. If we want a body & brain that are vibrantly healthy,
we have to feed them with pure living unprocessed food that is full of the information of life.
Eating dead food brings death. Eating live food gives life.

Welcome To KINDOM
A Do No Harm Community Of Conscious Co-Creators
Taking Full Responsibility For Life
Truly Free - No Beliefs - No Ownership
No Ones Sheep Nor Shepherd
Community Immunity Is Our Love For Life

Kindom: The Dream Where Harm Ends And Paradise Begins


The revisions of the 2006/2007 article, "The Ten Steps of Kindom": http://loveforlife.com.au/node/5788 
is nearly finished and this gives very clear steps as to how to wean our lives out of "The System"
and back to living as who we really are. We are still determined to create a tribe and, having Hannah and Andy
in our lives is the first step. It is amazing how much difference it makes having just two more people on board,
in terms of what we are achieving and the fun we are having.
The sooner people come, the sooner we create a world of Do No Harm.

Southern Highlands Map:

Videos: Narayanan Krishnan
A Companion To The Forgotten
LIFE Is Love
How To Bring Peace Freedom Joy & Abundance For All

By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
22nd February 2011

Video: The Garbage Warrior - EarthShip.com
Michael Reynolds & Sustainable Living


The Ringing Cedars of Russia Series:

Eco Homes, Villages, Organic and Permaculture Gardening and Life-Sustainability:
http://loveforlife.com.au/node/3641 & http://loveforlife.com.au/node/1985

Mikhail Petrovich Shchetinin - Kin's School - Lycee School at Tekos:

Raw, Living Food Diet:

Control The Land
And You Control MAN On The Land
Displace MAN From Land
And You Turn MAN Into Slaves

By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
April 2011

See also:
Video: Key To Kindom
Co-Creation Of Do No Harm Communities
Causing A Mass Exodus From "The System

The Dream Of Life Part One:

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The Dream Of Life Part Three:

The Dream Of Life Part Four:


A Few Recent Comments From Facebook

In response to the series of videos: The Dream Of Life
Link: http://www.facebook.com/arthurcristian/posts/150440871721592?notif_t=like
  • Bazra Parsons u make it all sound sooo simple arthur but the first 10 minutes were enough to lose my interest.
    Thursday at 15:05 · 
  • Arthur Cristian
    Hi Baz, out of respect we say this...... The remedy that heals all MANS woes is found where MAN was before MAN fell into a state of non-sense/unconsciousness/fantasy. Regardless where we look today, the remedy-information will not be found anywhere in "The System". There is no mouth or book, etc, to tell us what this remedy-information is. Currently & compliments of "The System", we learn/grow out of what we don't know because what we already know has us be like a goldfish in a bowl going around & around the same old ground, meaning, we just can't seem to overcome the hurdles that keep us at a distance from experiencing a way of life that provides everyone with everlasting freedom, truth, peace, joy, abundance and do no harm for all of life, without causing loss of uniqueness or having slaves and rulers. The Love For Life information we share for free without a fee helps anyone determined to return to paradise. We have unraveled all the Freemasonic/Satanic scams that trap us and the remedy-information that achieves Paradise. Scrutiny of all information is paramount. The information we share has been put to the test over and over again and even after the many hundreds of debates with experts across earth in all fields of endeavour, it continues to stand tall. After 6 years, no one has been able to chop this tree down. This Love For Life well is full of pure and sincere information & cups are aplenty to help quench anyones thirst but they have to go where the well of information is located to quench their thirst for truth. We live for the dream of Paradise, anything less than Paradise is not good enough. We are not interested in second best.
    Thursday at 17:24 · 

  • Danny Dabbs
    What is your definition of 'Living Creator'? Also, if thoughts, and by extension your vision, are in the image of living creator and therefore good and whole because they're are not re-presentations based on nothing and thus satanic, then what's wrong with things like sacred geometry? You may say that it's a satanic re-presentation because it's not strictly sensory based (even though you can see it everywhere in nature!) but is it not just as in the image of the living creator, if not more so, than your dedicated re-presented thoughts?
    16 hours ago · 
  • Arthur Cristian
    Hi Danny,

    It's when you do harm to a life-form that life, the dream of life, starts to die. To re-present sacred geometry with its mathematics, meaning when you start to create physical, material images/forms in the image of sacred geometry and mathematics you are destroying sensory life-forms to do so.

    Superimposing non-sense 1, 2, 3, a, b, c, compass, square, circle, rectangle, triangle, etc, images/shapes/forms/information over the forest, you lose/disconnect/zoom-out-from-the-sensory connection with the sensory life-forms of the forest. This allows you to do harm to any sensory life-form of the forest as you will it to be that way............. that is 1 tree, that is 2 tree, that is 3 tree......... I'll chop down 2 tree to meet the geometric/mathematical intention/equation/images/forms/ideas you are designing/dreaming/planning for. I'll chop down that acre, that 100 acre, that strip, etc, to con-struct the geometric/engineering/architectural designs you are worshiping.

    Through non-sense, this is how we are destroying hills, valleys. mountains, soil, minerals, rivers, etc, including men, women & children, of the dream of life.

    We are meant to commune with the consciousness of every life-form to sense all its sensory information because this is how we learn about its purpose and intention for existence in the dream of life and how we can co-create with them without doing harm to them. A tree of trees will tell you if it is ready and willing to be moved/relocated/chopped down and with the creation of its substance, be used as a gift/benefit for the dream of life, elsewhere in the forest.

    Using non-sense to destroy forests, mountains, valleys, etc, to construct concrete, steel, highways, concrete cities, etc, is not a gift to the dream of life, instead it is part of the genocide campaign directed at the dream of life that we, MAN, really are. This is our spiritual suicide in action.

    Through sense/consciousness we can attune to and direct sensory life-forms to change the forest that they are part of so that we can create a space of love, a habitat, etc, and the life-forms, now given a sensory-purpose, will co-create that image/dream you/we/tribe are intending.

    The sensory images we dream for in the dream of life, in the forest, valleys, hills, mountains, etc, already contain the natural sensory information/images/shapes/forms of circle, square, rectangle, triangle, etc, etc, in their consciousness/sensory-information/life-form. We don't have to FORCE/re-present these man-made physical/material, non-sensory, images/forms upon the living-consciousness of a forest, hill, valley, mountain, soil, minerals, etc, for to do so is to do harm.

    To re-present the man-made images/con-structs of science (sion/zion-ence) and superimpose these non-sensory images over the dream of life will con-struct a wonderland (fantasy world) for the re-presenters to act/perform in. All men & women lost to science, lost to non-sense, are acting out, playing, non-sense astrology, astronomy, numerology, engineering, quantum physics, NASA, etc, etc, while destroying the dream of life all-around and they are refusing to take full-responsibility for all the harm they are supporting and causing to the dream of life.

    Using non-sense numbers and alphabets will construct a fantasy world made up of time, space, levels, planes, dimensions, etc, etc, for the lost to pretend they are on a journey heading from somewhere to anywhere in their universal wonderland and believe they are tiny aspects of this fantasy-universe at the effect of greater forces than them.

    Pretending a make-believe existence over what does exist does not make this non-sensory information true.

    When we are present to the presence of life, we are living-creator, the custodian, caretaker, steward of the dream of life.
    Living-creator will not do harm to the dream of life.
    Living-creator has no need to re-present thoughts because all living-creators thoughts contain the life-sustainable, sensory, presence of its life in every thought it created.
    These thoughts do not require us, to re-present them, they are already present to the dream of life and we can sense living-creators presence in their image/life-forms.

    In our true sensory form, when we remember who we really are, MAN is "living-Creator".
    There is no sensory separation between MAN and Living-Creator.

    Only non-sense information provides the illusion of separation.

    MAN, us, is responsible for the dream of life and everything happening to it.

    The videos the dream of life part 1 to part 4 (part 4 being posted today) explains everything in great detail.
    Anything else you to know to help you comprehend where we are coming from, etc, can be found in these videos.

    All the best to you and your extended family.

Over 350 posts in this Facebook discussion

Link: http://www.facebook.com/Zupeckipedia/posts/169129143171143

Michael Felix Zupecki
I know the legal system is a sham. I hate Capitalism.

But I do not succumb to the temptation of sayings it Freemasonic or Satanic.

Where is your evidence of that?

All I see is self aware apes making mistakes with tools... And one day we will sort it out or we will perish.

I think we will sort it out, personally, but a huge cost. I think this is already happening.

And I don't mean monetary cost, I mean emotional and physical cost.

Where I disagree completely with you is this rambling about "Life Creator" who created the "Dream of Life" and some "Guy" who probably "got a bit full of himself with an ego" and made a "false reality and superimposed it".

That sounds like God Vs Satan rhetoric and it's just rambling until you can produce evidence.

The other part I disagree with is how you think science is bad. You are incorrect, and blatantly hypocritical.

Why are you building a hothouse? That is a scientific principle to simulate climate and produce higher yield.

I suggest you all read Richard Dawkins; The Magic of Reality.

Science is amazingly wondrous and beautiful and I doubt ANY of you could hold a candle of scientific knowledge to me, let alone a real learned scientist in a proper field of research.

Don't mistake my statement as arrogance; there is much I don't know. Most of the information that exists I don't and will not ever know or understand; it's impossible. But I am very addicted to learning and information and I dare you to challenge my scientific knowledge that isn't beyond a Google search.
Thursday at 16:10

Arthur Cristian
Every English Letter Has A Meaning
Only Taught To The Privileged

Every English letter has a meaning not taught to anyone bar those privileged, those selected few invited in and initiated.

Each letter/meaning is an incantation and as you combine letters (sounds) they form spells and is why all children are taught/forced to spell so they will be under the spell (under-the-standing - understanding the meanings) their whole lifetime.

In & outside of court, certain lawyers, barristers, judges, etc, and others, while in communication with each other, will use these letters between them as codes of instruction/determinations, etc.

They often speak "old english" as do some politicians when they talk to the people via the media.

But the codes/meanings/sounds/language go right over the heads of the people.

They are not conscious of what is really going on, what is really being said.

This is the real Orwellian Doublespeak/Triplespeak that occurs.

The English language was called "The New World Language".

You can learn about some of this Freemasonic/Satanic deception in the Love For Life.com.au website.

English roots are not only in Greek, Latin, Hebrew, French, etc, but also in symbolism which very few know anything about.

It is this symbolism used since these nut cases "crafted" the "practice" of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics (which is rooted in mathematics and sacred geometry as all read & write alphabet languages are) that is being used against everyone.

The symbolism is the true Freemasonic/Satanic language everyone is using without realising. These symbols are images and it is these images formed out of sounds that create our lost state where we need all the prosthetics of "The System" to survive in this unnatural chaotic state, you call "socialisation".

It is the symbolism behind the language we use that forms the spells that most are under.

A few years ago, we filed docs in the supreme court before the judges (not prior), that had the judges quickly flee the court.

When you realise what the Judeo-Judaic world is really all about you will see why it is imperative they want all the people brainwashed.

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love for life
8 hours ago

Arthur Cristian
Look at science - how exactly it is organised, how totally strict experimental procedures have to be and how carefully everything is recorded. If we are capable of such organisation in science, why do you find it so hard to comprehend how "The System" is carefully organised with everything planned in advance. Seeds are planted fifty years, maybe 100 years, before they are expected to come to fruition, in the same way that corporations plan their businesses years in advance. In fact, all the major institutions of "The System" are corporations and are structured as such.

Look at how corporations are structured in a compartmentalised way, with a small few at the top of the pyramid having all the power and control and knowing the big picture while the rest of the employees filtering down the power pyramid know less and less about what is really going on the further down they are. Information (including secrets) is shared on a need to know basis and you can only reach the higher levels if you show the right attitudes and attributes and are invited up. This structure is the "norm" in "The System" - why is it so hard to accept that this IS "The System"? The corporations are all "mini systems" within "The System". Men and women of "The System" fall readily into these power structures/models following their years of preparation at "The System" schools and universities. Most would not think that there is another way of doing things.

If you want a major example, think about this:

Up until roughly 1780AD, 99.99% of the total population of the tribes of MAN across earth was not able to read and write any alphabetic language and never had.

Even until 1930AD still more than 90% of the total population of the tribes of MAN were illiterate.

All of the tribes of MAN had their natural sensory tribal-village talk/tongue/language and still do but today most have forgotten their true tongue.

All the tribes of MAN, representing the 99.99% illiterate population had NOTHING to do with recording "The System" his-story in any read and write alphabet language - they could not do it. All their history was passed down through song, word of mouth, art & dance. No matter how far you go back in this Satanic/Freemasonic ("The System") record of his-story the tribes of MAN had absolutely nothing to do with recording this his-story.

All tribes of MAN were invaded and decimated by these Satanists ("The System" re-presentatives) and what remained were brainwashed so that the descendants of these ruined tribes of MAN would only know the history of their ancestors through "The System" his-story as dictated to them by the Freemasonic/Satanic world.

The only ones who could read and write any alphabet language were the owners of the castles, the land-lords, barons, aristocrats, royal families, high-priest-hoods and all their scribes and lackeys. They represented roughly 20 per one million of the population of MAN. It has always been like this.

All recorded history you are diving into to dish up the information you are sharing in this discussion WAS WRITTEN BY THEM. I.e. The Bronze Age, The Dark Ages, The Ice Age. Were you there to experience these times? What 1st party to first party proof do you have that these periods of history, versions of reality, took place as recorded in any read and write alphabet language? Can you bring forward any living-sensory-first-party proof/substance of all the scientific "facts" that you espouse? Have you anything other to offer than the re-presentations of the thoughts of other men and women of "The System" who were not there either? If I am not at Woolworths, how do I know that you were at Woolworths? All I can do is accept that you say you were there which could be a truth or a lie. All you can do is provide witnesses who were there who back your claim. Amongst the living here and now, this works for Woolworths but how can you produce 1st part to 1st party witnesses for all the scientific "facts" you re-present, particularly all the historic science "facts"?

Look how men and women are so prepared to keep birds in cages, depriving them of their freedom to soar and swoop in the sky. And then we breed them in captivity so they will not remember the freedom of their ancestors so we can kid ourselves that they are happy living in cages and, if we want to give them their freedom back, we have to teach them how to be free and how to live as a free bird.

And you find it hard to get your head around the fact that there are greedy men and women who have trapped other men, women & children in "The System" have re-written our history (our ancestors were tribes of MAN, all invaded and decimated & what remained after their capture were forced to integrate into "The System") that we think a life as a slave is normal and acceptable. They make sure that there is none of the sensory-information of our true freedom all around and within the cage that is "The System".

"The dark ages", "the hardship pioneer lives", "the chaos", "the wars", "the evolution", etc, etc, are the non-sense cages of thought-control that imprison us here and now. If we believe our ancestors were slaves, were dumb, were lost, were hopeless, etc, it is very easy to be conned into accepting the "progress of civilisation" ("The System" so glorified by the Freemasons/Satanists). If we accept this, then it is easy to accept that we are dumb, stupid, hopeless and powerless and that we need someone else to take charge of us and to take responsibility for us.

The true memories of our ancestors living in freedom so many generations ago, and the incredible-sensory abilities they had, have long been lost to all (forgotten/ignored) but a very, very few, which is why most of us think that living in "The System' is the best we can do. So we are living at a time when our wisdom, learning and knowledge is at a pinnacle, are we? So why aren't we living in a world of truth, freedom, peace, joy, abundance and do no harm for all? Why are we destroying the very life that sustains us? Why are we too greedy, selfish and arrogant to give up all that is killing life so that our children and grandchildren have a chance at life?

We come from little wriggly things, do we? And we have evolved into the amazing creatures of destruction that we are now?

Evolution is FRAUD!
Science is Fraud! This is FACT!

How about that our captors peddle so many lies that what most think of as truth are lies and most of what we think of as lies, is truth? Perhaps we are becoming less and less, not more and more. Our brains are gradually shutting down as we accept more and more harm in all areas of life, as we allow our children to stuff their bodies with poisons and to play games of killing and death. And then we are shocked when they become sick and violent.

Everything else has already been said in our articles, discussions, debate, podcasts and videos http://loveforlife.com.au/ & http://loveforlife.com.au/node/3385 and is being shared by Andy and Hannah. Perhaps, for the sake of your children and grandchildren, you will be prepared to at least try our information, put it to the test, give it a go just in case science is all lies and you have been hoodwinked into believing that choice equals freedom and that fantasy, delusion and illusion equals reality.

How can we ever know what is truth if we are not prepared to consider information that comes our way?

We wish you, your extended family and other loved ones all the best.
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life


For the past few weeks, Arthur has been appearing on the Skid Row radio program
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