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My dad info was only wrong because he moved recently. My dad was the one that
said the anniversary was not correct for Tia Fernanda. We appreciate all the
work you do to keep up the site. Thanks

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Hi all family members,

Happy 4th of July ahead of time to all family members!!! Maryann informed me
that her father, uncle Manny, thinks that Tia Fernanda & Tio Virgilio
anniversary date listed on the website is wrong! This really bothers me if he
is correct! Every family member needs to check their information for immediate
family members that the info listed is correct!

Without your help, our family's website will be outdated for future family

Please check every detail of your brother's, sister's, mother's, father's,
cousin's, aunt's, uncle's and if your info is up to date!

Thanks in advance!

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