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I think this comment from the Slashdot post rings most true about this situation:

This reminds me of an anecdote ... a gentleman was talking to a young lady and asked her if she would have sex with him for a million dollars. After she thought about it for a moment, she said yes. Then he asked her if she would have sex with him for $50.

"What do I look like, some kind of hooker?" she demanded.
"We've already established that," he said. "Now we're just haggling over your price."
Goodmail has established who the hookers are among the ISP community.

Look at the companies involved.. Verizon, Yahoo, Cox, Comcast, Time Warner... AOL. I mean.. who uses these services anymore.. (besides Yahoo -- use it for junk lists). The other question is who is going to be paying?.. is it the user that is going to pay 1/4 cent per email for certification? Or is the ISP/Email provider going to eat it? Because, thing is.. no one is going to use it if they have to pay extra. The reason being is that there is no "wow.. that's a cool feature" factor. The other reason this will not work is that it's too late. Businesses already have a way of dealing with junk mail.. they already have invested in infrastructure that deals with the issue that Goodmail claims it will fix.. so why would they buy into it?

Errol Sayre wrote:
I'm only going to pay as long as the Goodmail folks agree to pay /me/ for my "goodthoughts" that I put into the email...

Email needs to be fixed, but I don't think this is the approach to take.

On Jun 14, 2007, at 12:22 AM, Jared Breland wrote:

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I had a short discussion about this with David the other day, and was
going to forward this Slahdot post as a follow-up, but I figured it be
worth sending to the whole LOULUG list.  It's a really good summary of
the issue and makes a clear case why this is a bad idea.  Definitely
worth a read:

http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/06/13/1420205&from=rss <http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/06/13/1420205&from=rss>

Any thoughts on this from the opposite perspective?

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