[loulug] Data Visualization

  • From: Tobin Maginnis <ptm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: loulug <loulug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2008 21:02:20 -0600

I stumbled upon Ben Fry's web site and found his data visualization of
streets and roads in America. As you look at the map, you realize it's
geography negative image. That is, the places where street and roads do
not go reveal water, mountains, and low population density.


But it also surprising detailed. In this map:


notice the Mississippi river to the bottom left. From the north, follow
the river to Memphis. You then notice I55 going south and 78 going
southeast. Follow 78 to Tupelo and then Highway 6 west to Pontotoc, west
again to Oxford, and west again to Batesville where you can see I55
running north and south.

Now, look to the east of Batesville starting north of highway 6 and
going south, you will see Sardis, Enid, and Granada lakes!

He also has a fun zipcode visualization.


Click the zoom button to the right, then type just one digit and see
which part of the country lights up. As you type more of the 5-digit
zipcode, the map zooms in. To zoom back out, just backspace over the
last digit typed.


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