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I saw a brush-foot, probably a Hackberry Emperor and a Cloudless Sulphur (male) 
at Moore Park in Lafayette Parish Sunday, and then another Cloudless Sulphur in 
New Iberia on Monday. 
Craig Marks
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Nothing like the odd Feb. warm spot!
Saturday in New Orleans’ City Park – 1 each spicebush swallowtail and monarch
Sunday in Uptown New Orleans – 2 monarchs (flying in tandem)
-           Zack
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I took a walk yesterday at the Lafayette Nature Station. There are a few giant 
American Elms blooming along the right of way. High in the canopy a found a 
Question Mark guarding one from all passers by. When any other ?mark would pass 
through the canopy, it would take off in a long twisting chase and then return 
to it's post on the trunk 50 feet from the ground to continue the watch. I also 
found American Snouts feeding on blooming Red Maple.
Today while washing something in the driveway, a White M Hairstreak came in to 
drink at the wet cement. I took a cell phone photo.

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