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   There are records from the past of colonies appearing then disappearing here 
in LA, but I would not characterize these records as regular or suggesting a 
pattern. Vernon Brou found a breeding colony in Jefferson Parish in the 
mid-90's. Kevin Cunningham found it over a two month period in Terrebonne 
Parish but felt his sightings were associated with a butterfly exhibit/release. 
I saw it over two weekends in Lafa. Parish one November, but, like you, I felt 
it was associated with some sort of release (maybe a wedding?). 

   Gary Ross raised many of this butterfly at his home/garden in BR. He has 
opined that this b/f cannot survive a hard winter but can survive a mild one 
here in LA. I know of no other sightings this year. 

Craig Marks
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I realize that there is a strong possibility the Zebra in my garden Sunday was 
not a natural occurrence. Are there years when Zebra occurrences in Louisiana 
or the northern Gulf generally show a pattern suggesting natural vagrancy—i.e., 
widespread random sightings rather than a sighting or outbreaks in city 
gardens? Any other Louisiana sightings this fall?
David Muth
New Orleans

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