[louisianaleps] Strecker's Giant-Skipper maybe with a link that works

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  • Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 16:56:32 -0700 (PDT)

I have been looking for Strecker's giant-skipper in Louisiana for a long  time. 
I finally found it today in Kisatchie National Forest in  Natchitoches Parish, 
thanks to advice from Craig Marks.  As far as I  know, this is the only place 
Louisiana that this species can be  found.  The day was overcast and drizzling 
so I didn't expect to see  many butterflies, but the giant-skippers were there. 
I saw two of  them.  See a photo at 


These  two individuals always flew close to the ground--within about 0.5 to  
feet.  They had no trouble flying through dense vegetation.  Judging  by the 
size of the abdomen, I would guess that they were female.  They  seemed to be 
searching for yucca plants on which to lay eggs, although I  never saw them do 
this.  I followed each of these individuals for some  time.  Strangely, I could 
hear the wing flaps.  It sounded like a rapid  nick, nick, nick, ....When they 
landed they always landed on a vertical  or almost vertical stick or vine as 
seen in the photo.  I got photos of  both of them.

Jeff Trahan

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