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While on the subject of migratory butterflies, I don't have record of any Large 
Orange Sulphurs seen within the state since a single reported to the TLS in 
October 2010. Before that, it was fall of 2007 up in Caddo Parish. I find it 
odd that Orange-barred Sulphurs have established a foothold in the southern 
section of the state but so few sightings of Large Orange Sulphurs. Are they 
there in the NO area and I'm just not hearing about it? thx, Craig Marks

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I guess this is directed to the list and not just Dave or Rosemary, but 
regarding White Peacocks, who has been seeing it in New Orleans? Kevin 
Cunningham reported that Mike Lefort had seen it this year in Galliano but I 
had nor seen any posts about its presence in NO (or elsewhere for that matter). 
Craig Marks 

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Thanks to all that replied to my request for info on O-b Sulphurs. I learned 
that they occur naturally and have also been released by several people in both 
Baton Rouge and New Orleans over the past few years. They use several varieties 
of senna and cassia found in urban gardens and a sustaining population seems to 
be in place. I severe winter would test this population.

 Another question and I promise the last for a while. This has been a good year 
for White Peacocks in New Orleans as well. Perhaps I am again unaware of there 
status relying mainly on field guides. I am wondering if this is another 
species that local butterfly enthusiasts have raised and released in New 

When visiting my son in Orlando this summer, they were everywhere we went. I 
was thinking this may have been a really good year for them in their published 
ranges as well.


Dave Patton

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