[louisianaleps] Abita Creek and Lake Ramsey, St. Tammany Parish

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I drove over to the referenced locations Sunday, the 13th. It was very hot and 
there was not a lot flying. Much of both locations were burned this spring and 
that has caused, I believe, the low numbers encountered. 

I did find Common Wood Nymphs at both locations. That is the first time I've 
seen this species in the Florida Parishes (others have, just not I). Anyway, I 
mention this because 2 of the 4 I saw had a single spot in the yellow patch. I 
have seen this also in the Biloxi and Pensacola areas, but not in the western 
portion of the state where all have two spots. 

My list:

1 Black ST
1 E. Tiger ST
8 Palamedes ST
3 Pearl Cres
3 Buckeyes
4 Common Wood Nymphs
1 Whirlabout
1 Tawny-edged Skipper
2 Delaware Skippers. 

Both locations were short on insects. There were dragon- and damselflies (saw 8 
Ebony Jewelwings) but not big numbers. There were some bees and bumblebees, but 
again, not a lot. I wasn't even bothered by mosquitos or biting flies. Again, I 
think this is associated with the spring burns. I wonder how those burns will 
impact the crop of Arogos Skippers that should be flying in about a month. 

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