[louisianaleps] 5 White-striped Longtails near Krotz Springs

  • From: Dave Patton <davepatton122@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2013 20:27:52 -0500

I have been trying lately to improve my butterfly skills. I stopped at the
Sherburne exit on Hwy 190 last Sunday to look along the levee and was
surprised to find a White-striped Longtail. I then found 2 more within a
hundred feet of the first.
I returned today to see if they were still there and look for more. I found
these same three as determined by tail condition at the same spot. I then
realized there was a fourth. After watching these for an hour or so, I
loaded up to head home. I traveled about 500 yards down the road and just
before entering Hwy 190, I looked one more time. I found another sunning on
a tall blade of grass. After another search, I was not able to find any
The exact location is:
30.549317,-91.744177 which you can paste into google maps.
If traveling west on Hwy 190. Get off on the Sherburne/hwy 975 exit just
before the Atchafalaya Bridge over to Krotz Springs. Follow the exit road
and there is a small lake on the north side just before reaching the river
levee. This exit road sits on top of a levee which looks down on the lake.
Park on the shoulder and walk down to the edge of the cut grass toward the
lake. This is where the skippers have been seen. Three of the skippers
would sit atop a tall blade of grass and spread their wings about 1/2 way
up the levee. They were pretty easy to locate when they did this as they
stand out. Another would sometimes fly by and they would take off together
in a chase.
I have read of temporary colonies which I assume is what this is. I took
tons of photos. I will try to get some posted and give a link when I do.
If you look, dress for chiggers. I picked up a bunch somewhere.

Dave Patton

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