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Saving Graves is now online with a new website. Be sure to check it out and sign up. 

"Saving Graves seeks to establish historic cemetery preservation as a national priority by advocating sound preservation policy and programs through a grassroots constituency empowered with information and training. By direct contact with not only each other but also our elected representatives, we hope to promote awareness of the issues facing us on a daily basis. Saving Graves will consider itself successful only when historic cemetery preservation is deeply ingrained in our culture, embraced by the nation’s citizenry and its elected officials, from town hall to Capitol Hill. Our objective is for every American to recognize the need to become a steward of our historic cemeteries and acknowledge them for the cultural resources they are. Here you can: • Learn about local, state and federal programs and opportunities for historic cemetery preservation.
• Discuss and explore possible solutions to common cemetery preservation problems.
• Share stories of local cemetery preservation accomplishments, challenges, and on-going projects."

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