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Hi All,

Please find inline the comments from yesterdays meeting with Nischay.

Pushkar and Nachiket take these as pointers on what you guys should start
working on. Firstly today i.e. Thursday get together the two of you, decide
on a list of tasks you going to do(Probably research) and discuss that with
me around after noon.(GMAT will screw me for a sentence like this) Post
that work on it and get something by End of Day tomorrow.

*There is a lot of Brainstorming that can happen on this thread. But what
is required is to find the tasks that need to run simultaneously and are
absolutely needed in development of technology and content*
*So lets keep that on priority as well.** We finish them one by one and
evolve the concept each day.*

On Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 11:38 PM, shravan aras <123.shravan@xxxxxxxxx>
> Hi,
> Attaching a short summary of today's meeting.
> 1. how to attract from fb - Fb already has pages which people make and
> follow of famous personalities.
Everything that we are talking of is possible on FB, why would anyone move
to our space?
- we make this an online store for sexy merchandise and then make them stay
with the content as well
-this requires visual delight, which can be provided by images, artists
-we build this and integrate it around FB as well. they dont move to this
place but are directed to it by a FB app.

> 2. how to minimize controversy - The content that we write may not be
> neutral. The controversial nature of the ideas should be taken.
-Is it possible to crawl facts alone? How can we avoid bringing opinions to
the content.
-All famous people are controversial. This could bring the whole thing down.
-How to separate the fake content from the real content on the web?
Restrict the sources?

> 3. browser plugin - When people are reading an article, they come
> across a person, they can ask our system to log it and we can give
> them consolidated content on it when they log into their portal.
-Need to check what is the closest thing to this that already exists

> 4*. fictional characters - Brilliant idea. Nice work thinking about
> it. We can develop a complete new model around this. The technology
> base around this will remain the same so we do not need any extra
> effort in developing the platform.
-This is where we evolve the idea from something to inspire to something
that is cool.
-Every superhero, movie character, fictional people, people from books, etc
brought to life.
-Make posters, T-shirts, etc.
-Drastically limits the scope. Does not help in bringing people of similar
interests together.

> 5. merchandise - We have already discussed this.
-Need to start looking for like super brilliant artist(s)
-Can we sell merchandise of alive people without their consent? Possible
law suit?

> 6. mining data. - We have already discussed this
Shravan to provide a status update on where is he right now and what are
his next steps.

> 7. posters - A new idea. We develop posters and sell digital art
> rather than textual content.
> 8. digital artwork - Same as above.
Digital artist anyone? Works specifically on portraits, caricatures,
comics, etc?

> 9. make fb apps, android apps, twitter app, google + apps - These are
> mediums which increase our reach to the public.
It not only brings people. But helps us in restricting entry of other
players who might steal this idea.
> Please add the things I have missed out. I don't remember everything,
> but do remember this, that I missed on a lot of things. If I remember
> anything more I will jot it down in this thread.
Besides the above points the discussion touched on:
1. If we only provide the content centrally and then allow them to
personalize it on their profile space(like a blog- it could be something
that makes a poster of their heroes, or the famous quotes they like, or the
heroes achievements they like)  then it might help reduce the problem of
monitoring what discussions happen and avoid controversy
2. This content could be facts or merely events in the heroes life. Or his
3. Another alternative is- allow only alive people to be and look for
inspirations that is not famous personalities, but regular people like you
and me. The metaphor here has to be very simple though.

> Shravan Aras.
> (http://www.kushraho.com)

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