[lookuptt] Minutes of meeting to discuss technology overview

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  • Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 03:00:49 +0530

Hi Folks,

Relevant minutes from today's meeting :) A lot is planned here. Wish to see
this coming to life in the coming 4 months then! \m/

Probable Scenarios:

1. Regional. Small time logo ke baare mein khud se haath se type karke likh
2. Dukano ko bolo inki kitaabe becho
3. Log jinko ye log acche lagte hain wo marathi mein unke baare mein jay
maharashtra kare

1. Big heroes in one place.
2. Their movies, videos, Tshirts, books and posters on sale.
3. People have profile to 'badge' these heroes as their heroes.
4. People badge themselves and other people as heroes and explain why!
5. People like these explanations

1. People have profiles where they create a wishlist
2. This wishlist will be a compilation of life events of heroes
3. Heroes pages have events listed in them

Website scope:

People have profiles with:

1. Personal basic Information
2. What are your interests
3. Who are your heroes?-Famous people, Fictional characters
4. What are your ambitions?
5. What are your achievements?
6. Who do you inspire?

Heroes/Characters page:

1. Facts
2. Basic Info and field of expertise
3. Achievements
4. Timelines-manual effort
5. Photos/Videos/Tweets
6. Links

Adverts and merchandise
Recommended people
Directed businesses as per interest

Content Development:

Sports- Profiles of sports stars
Indian heroes- Apolitical and not controversial

Pushkar, Nachiket, MadB, Gantya, Niyati, Mandar Karanjkar, Ninad Gadre

Tech tasks:

1. Database design study and Graph.JS expertise plus start working towards
the implementation - 20 days
2. Complete Architecture of application inclusive of all relevant functions
- 12 days
3. Wordpress customization of back end (Prior preparation- Rahool and Adit
to read Wordpress) - 20 days
4. Development of UI (Prior preparation- Piyush)  15days
5. Integration of Back end and DB and UI. Development completion of the
PoC. 10 days
6. Testing 20 days
7. Beta launch \m/ :D
*120 days!= 120*4 manhours*
6. Artist for front end design and usability study - Lokesh, Bhagyashree,
Mohit, Vikrant
7. UI design - 20 days

9. Crawler to automate search for people
10. Android/Facebook/iPhone/Chrome apps



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