[lompoc_tv] all these "rush proceedings"

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I must admit that all of this "rush to participate" by you Citizen/Political 
Activists...you know who you are...crack me up!
Where were you for the last five years as the three of us "real producers" 
fought with the powers that be to put "community television" on the cable? 
Where were you when we served on the TV Cable Committee and put together the 
existing franchise agreement that insures "public access" to our citizenry? 
Where were you when we constantly stood before the City Council and politely 
warned them that their "non-action" was going to lead them, and the Citizenry, 
into a chaotic, avoidable, mess?
Where were you when we asked for community input through the Record and local 
Where were you when we culminated our three-year research and development 
project, filed the necessary papers, formed a Board, Bylaws, and presented the 
City Council with our 36 page proposal to make a simple task even simpler, and 
save the City money?
Where were you?
The real "core" group of Lompoc Producers have, collectivly, over forty years 
of television experience.
Who did you say you were, again? and what is your agenda?
Kristopher Brock,
Producer/Director, Youth Network Television
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