[lompoc_tv] Urgent Meeting 16 April, 2004 7:30 P.M.

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There will be a meeting on Friday April 16th 2004.  7:30 PM
At the Comcast Public Access TV studio 646 North H Street at the "G" Street
Entrance (push button right side of stage Entrance Sign)

The Studio telephone number is 735-4629.

Call by cell phone or in advance to be let in the front entrance.

One of the main agenda items of this meeting:

Gary Keefe-Lompoc City Administrator & PEG Executive Director-Brian Miller
Requested a meeting with the leader of the Lompoc PEG Access Board of
Directors on Wednesday April 14, 2004 (Short Notice). 

There was a brief meeting of some of the Board Members on Tuesday, April 13,
2004.Those Board Members that participated in the Tuesday meeting decided
that it would be more appropriate for the entire Lompoc PEG Access Board of
Directors to meet and discuss as a group what specifically we want our
Chairman to convey to Gary Keefe and Brian Miller.


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