[lompoc_tv] Split of Capital funds between Lompoc and Santa Maria

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Greetings access users. 

Today we had a meeting with the finance directors from Lompoc and Santa
Maria to discuss the capital and operating funds for PEG access and how they
would be shared. Everyone is very comfortable with splitting the funds along
these lines:

One-time capital equipment grant of $800,000 - 60% Santa Maria/40% Lompoc

On-going operating income (approx. $360,000/year): 60/40 with shared
administrative expenses to be shared equally i.e., 50/50

Keep in mind that any shared capital costs, e.g., Master Control equipment,
will also be split 60/40.

I had a long talk with PEG consultant Sue Buske on this topic and she had
some ideas about how the capital fund could be split but she was in general
agreement with the 60/40 arrangement. In her opinion both Lompoc and Santa
Maria were able to negotiate a much better deal with Comcast than had they
negotiated separately. Also, the value of the franchise to Comcast, and
hence the amount of funding for PEG access concessions, is based strictly on
the number of cable subscribers. Of the total number of cable subscribers in
Santa Maria and Lompoc the percentages are  60/40 respectively according to
current and historical data.

I am confident that the Lompoc media center can be set up and equipped on
technical parity with Santa Maria using a 40% capital fund allocation.

So, let's move forward and find a home for the Lompoc center and start
getting that equipment identified and installed, the hookups made, the
training started and the shows on the air. Also, everyone is welcome to call
or write to me with any concerns or suggestions. See you all soon!

Bryan Miller
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