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Meeting 4-9-04 8:00pm, Comcast studio

See end of meeting notes for call to action.  Bylaws and other organizational 
matters must be discussed and approved by members.


Attendees:     DeAnne Carr    Frank Currie    Gib Hullinger     Sheri Hullinger 
    Howard Morseburg

John Spooner         Lisa Taylor         Walt Taylor         Joe Tripe

Walt: Gary Keefe agreed to open the front of the Comcast building for PEG use, 
for access to the front parking lot.

Walt: Coleen Hefley will crunch the PEG franchise agreement & MOU numbers but 
won't be on the board.

Discussion: Keefe's presentation, of the various scenarios, the population page 
contains an error. Total adds up to $365K.

Discussion: The noncompliance settlement to SM was $634,490, and subtracting 
$25k to United Way, that leaves $609,490. SM's website says it has $584k. 
Doesn't add up.

Walt: His vision is to put the idea of Lompoc PEG Board of Directors (BOD) on 
the City Council (CC) agenda and ask to be recognized, or chartered, by the CC 
and as part of our attendance, ask the CC to express their sentiments to the 
public. We present the BOD prior to their comments. We show them our 
organizational charter and our list of directors, bylaws, and mission statement 
that coincides with the expression of what Comcast must do as part of their 
franchise agreement, that we are the BOD that the community goes to when they 
want to put on a show, get trained.

Walt: He had phoned Comcast 4 years ago, and was told sorry, we have no one to 
train you. Manny Mestes has said the same thing happened to him, that he had to 
fight to get on. Walt said: We must include this in our mission statement. We 
must say this because if we point out that public access and training was not 
readily available in the past, with historical facts, SM got a lot of money. We 
point this out, that we can do this, show that we're prepared, nonprofit 
organization info is on its way and we're prepared to advise them. Let them 
know we have much experience here and these individuals will participate in 
training those on the equipment. Training as you go, hands on training. Move 
access forward for the community. 

Walt: He hopes to keep the level of communication cordial with the CC. It's 
hard to ask for recognition and permission to do something if you're not on 
speaking terms. Keep the rancor and anger a little more bottled up. We're upset 
with them that they're taking this without our input, but we can portray 
ourselves as people willing to step up as a nonprofit and do this for the city. 
Wants to bring this before the CC. Must come upon an org charter, elect 
officers, and get a mission statement. 

Walt: John Spooner has additional organizational charter info. 

Walt asked DeAnne to describe how the nonprofit works. DeAnne described the 
mission and proposal of the nonprofit Community Ascending Media (CAM). [See 
mission statement on separate email.] Nonprofits are the usual means of running 
public access

Discussion: producers are liable for what they say and do on a show.

Walt: slander. BOD would have role of arbitrating that.

Discussion of CC 3/16 meeting, discussion of swap meet issue versus PEG.

Walt: Complaints to the City? No, we'll do that as well. What if a producer did 
something offensive. Who would handle that?

Joe: There are rules & regulations. 

Discussion: PEG channels. 

Joe: One channel now but volume can trigger more. More than 70 hours of 
programming for both channels. 22 will be the PEG channel until fiber optic is 
complete then Comcast wants to keep 22, then provide 2 channels proximate to 
each other, with a possible trigger of a third and fourth channel. City wants 
Comcast to give them 2 channels. The GM had a meeting and told Lompoc Locker 
Room and Police Beat that they would have 4 airings. Later that wording got put 
into the franchise agreement. It's not fixed. 

Joe: Re liability, producers are responsible for content, must sign a 
producer's agreement, consequences if somebody rejects help, no content help, 
can do that. If slander, producer is responsible. If the BOD censors, there 
would be problems. Guidelines can be set, e.g., no nudity in the studio. 

Discussion: For tonight, get BOD or ad hoc committee, elect officers. No notice 
in the paper needed now.

Walt: What about the producer's agreement?

Joe: Currently producers must sign a producer's agreement before permitted to 
do a show. Limited. Problems in past with Comcast not having specific rules. 
Lompoc and Bryan Miller have not been specific re rules & agreement at this 
time, leaving it to Joe. 

Joe: Elect an interim board. Not permanent, can change. Should have reps for 
pub, ed and gov.

Walt: Will want a producer's agreement as part of our org presentation to the 

Joe: Bryan has something but he wants to officially assume control before he 
enforces it. 

Walt proposed an election of an interim BOD.

Lisa: Some who attended the meeting last night might be interested in serving.

Joe: Perhaps Sgt Mike Collins would serve as a gov access rep. Will there be 
requirements such as how long a producer has had a show, to serve on the BOD? 
What is gov, ed? Members who represent different functions. 

Discussion: Name of board: Lompoc PEG Access Board of Directors? Or Lompoc 
Public Access Board of Directors? 

Joe: Consensus. Lompoc Public Access BOD. 

Walt: An email last Sunday called it Lompoc PEG Access BOD. Mr. Spooner did not 
get that on his text. [Handout.]

Discussion: Who will be ed reps? 

Joe: Lisa?

Walt: Lisa would advocate to educators .

Joe: The interim board could be apportioned then all producers or can add more. 
If only public access then can't run PEG.

MOTION from Walt: Change heading on bylaws and Agenda to Lompoc PEG Access 
Board of Directors.

PASSED: Hands unanimous.

Joe: Copy paper and costs of materials are high.

Gib: We can email documents and then print it out ourselves.

Joe: On meeting notices. A phone tree was organized. Email list has liability. 
Permissions for phone & email distribution.

DeAnne: The Lompoc_TV list goes to all who are subscribed to the list, and 
subscribers are added by hand. 

Joe: About Bryan Miller attending, Comcast studio is a public place. Joe can't 
turn him away. Must post a sign to exclude him? Might want him here sometimes.

MOTION by Walt: DeAnne is to continue as administrator of the Lompoc_TV email 
list and publish the rules for that service, and accept our attendee list 
developed from the previous meetings and add to the subscriber list. 

MOTION AMENDED: Administer the Lompoc_TV email list and freelists web page, and 
the web site, and publish rules.

PASSED: Hands unanimous.

During elections, Walt recused himself, being Chair of the Airport Commission 
and not being producer.

Interim officers were NOMINATED and elected by unanimous show of hands:

Interim Chair: Howard Morseburg

Interim Vice Chair: Jeff Wynne

Interim Recording Secretary: DeAnne Carr

Interim Treasurer: Coleen Hefley

Interim Corresponding Secretary was reserved for later election.

Interim Directors were NOMINATED and elected by unanimous show of hands.

NOMINATION: Board member Sgt Mike Collins as Gov rep.

Director: Gib Hullinger, with alternate Director Sheri Hullinger

Director: Frank Currie

Director: John Spooner

Discussion: Next meeting of CC is Tuesday 4/20. Present Lompoc PEG Access BOD 
to CC by telling who is on the board. How much information to present to CC? It 
would be rushing it to try to fulfill bylaws and other documents before then. 
Joe requests that notices be posted in the studio, and suggests email and phone 
calls for meeting notices. 

MOTION by Walt: Get Lompoc PEG Access BOD onto agenda for 4/20. FAILED.

Howard: Just announce the board.

Joe: Make a presentation?

Howard: Just announce our interim board.

DeAnne: Introduce the board and request that the CC either reconstitute the 
Cable TV Commission or else seat a rep from BOD on the Executive Committee. 

MOTION same. 


Discussion: Meetings must start on time.


Organizational matters: Post bylaws and other documents to the Lompoc_TV list 
for review and discussion.

Bylaws matters:

Time(s) and frequency of meetings



Interim period


Adjourned 10:15pm.


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