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Several Public Access, Education Producers and Volunteers have surmised that
an organizational meeting  of all PEG Access users should occur prior to the
April 6, 2004 Lompoc City Council meeting. 

 The purpose of this meeting would be to formulate comments &discussion
points to bring before the Council with the objective of placing the
operation of and the issues related to the Lompoc PEG facility as a
reoccurring City Council agenda item. 

 All people interested in attending this meeting, please bring all copies of
the historical documents that you may have including, but not limited to
Comcast Franchise Contract, Cable Committee agendas or minutes, Memorandums
Of Understanding, amendments, exhibits, and documents. 

 Please also bring with you any previous Lompoc or Santa Maria City Council
meeting agendas, exhibits, and/or prerecorded videotaped meeting sessions or
Lompoc or Santa Maria newspaper articles. 

 Many PEG Users have questions regarding and would like to see a public
historical and current-to-date written accounting of the financial
transactions between Comcast, and representatives of the Cities of Lompoc
andSanta Maria and what has been spent so far. 

Many PEG Users believe that now is the time to vigorously safeguard our
public broadcasting facility by pursuing our efforts to find out our cities?
future plans for Public Access television.   

Though the creation of the ?LOMPOC PEG ACCESS BOARD OF DIRECTORS? all PEG
Users can work together so that we can understand this newly evolving entity
that is Lompoc Public Access TV and its relationship with the previously
established Lompoc &Santa Maria PEG Representatives and the PEG Executive

 All of us desire to make this evolutionary process a continuing success. 

 It is vital that we, as the PEG Users are able to advise City Council, the
Lompoc City Administrator, and the PEG Executive Director regarding
efficientand equitable dispersal of the PEG initial capital grant money and
future funding. 

The PEG Users want to propose to the Lompoc City Council on April 6, 2004
that Council and city staff recognize and charter the LOMPOC  PEG ACCESS
BOARD OF DIRECTORS (L.P.A.B.D.) as ?at large? community
representatives-tasked with advising Council and administrators regarding
public access, funding, and production issues associated with Lompoc?s PEG

In addition, PEG Users want to propose to the Lompoc City Council that they
appointment nine ?at large? board of directors to represent the separate
entities that are public access, educational access and local city
governmentaccess, to advise the City Council, City Administrator, and the
PEGExecutive Director about our issues by voicing our suggestions, concerns,
and objections, in a meaningful, constructive manner.  

We owe it to ourselves to do all we can, to maintain the high quality of
programming we have all come to expect and enjoy. 

Please come to this impromptu meeting at 3 PM Sunday April 4, 2004 at the
Comcast Public Access Studio entrance on "G" Street (push button rt. side
Stage Entrance alcove) to discuss the formation and objectives of the

The Studio telephone number is 735-4629. 

We know that this is very short notice and expect this continuing process to
move forward into Monday April 5th, Tuesday April 6th and beyond, with the
intention of holding our innitial organizational meetings without direction
from the Executive Director or city appointed PEG Representatives, with a
prospective meeting on Friday April 9th at 7:30 PM.

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