[lompoc_tv] List privacy and thanks

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  • Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 13:00:27 -0700

I want to remind all members of this list that it is closed to non-subscribers. 
 Members have an expectation of privacy and trust.  Any reproduction of one 
member's posts by another member will result in removal from the list.
I also want to remind all members that some people who support PEG can share 
our concerns only privately.  If you publicly reproduce an email where 
recipients are listed separately, I suggest compressing the header. 

Mr. Van de Kamp's email to Walt Taylor, reprinted for the Lompoc city council 
meeting, consists in total the text of the City of Santa Maria's PEG FAQ on 
their website.  The link:


Thanks to everyone who came to the council meeting last night, in the flesh and 
in spirit.  



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