[lompoc_tv] First Meeting Lompoc PEG Access Board of Directors Sunday April 4, 2004

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The "short notice" first meeting of the Lompoc PEG Access Board of Directors 
(LPABD) this past Sunday was a beehive of activity and an inspiring success.
The PEG Access Users and Volunteers who attended our first meeting were very 
enthusiastic regarding the formation of  LPABD.

The rapid fire of constructive ideas and concepts regarding the objectives 
of our new Board kept ?pen to paper? for many hours.

The attendees were:
Jeff Wynne-The Freakout Show
Frank Currie-YNTV
John Spooner-The Town Meet Up
Howard Morseburg-Howard's Views
Gib Hullinger-Light for Lompoc
Sheri Hullinger-Light for Lompoc
Walt Taylor-Lompoc Valley Democratic Club
Lisa Taylor-Lompoc Valley Democratic Club

Discussion Points
Among the many items discussed at our first meeting:
·       Our Mission Statement, Organizational Charter and Bylaws
·       Our responsibility to provide television access to everyone in the 
·       The division of PEG Access grant & operational funds.
·       Future equipment needed for Lompoc PEG self-sufficiency
·       The long term financial advantages of a volunteer Board of Directors.
·       Term of service for Board members
·       How best to approach the Lompoc City Council about getting chartered to 
represent the Lompoc community.
·       The Power of Public Access TV on local politics
·       The various methods that we can use to bring our issues before the 
City Council, Executive Director Brian Miller, City Administrator Gary 
Keefe, and the community.
·       Discussions had with City Council members regarding Lompoc?s role in 
Access TV.
·       Insuring/Maintaining Lompoc PEG?s remote operation capability
·       The importance of religion in educational programming.
·       Broadband

Telephone interviews with those that could not attend.
Several of the thirteen PEG Access Users that were reached  by telephone 
passionately described their commitment to the content of their production 
and voiced their appreciation for the artistic opportunity that Public 
Access provides.

The primary questions from those interviewed by telephone were:
·       What will motivate the City of Lompoc to recognize our LPABD Board and 
fund our organization?
·       How will the machinery of the LPABD work?
·       Our letter to the Lompoc City Council/City Staff

One show producer contacted by telephone stated that ?it would behoove the 
city leaders of Lompoc and Santa Maria to fund (and recognize) such non 
profit group(s)? and pointed out that private non profits have historically 
operated public access stations.

Meeting Accomplishments  (See Attachments)

Attachment 1. Howard Morseburg and Jeff Wynne composed a letter to Lompoc 
                  Administrator Gary Keefe to be delivered by Jeff on Monday 
  April 5th. * accomplished

Attachment 2. PEG Users Daily Comments Document-all of  the attendees 

Attachment 3. Lompoc PEG Access User Info Document 4-04-04-all of the 

Attachment 4.  Email/phone list as excel document * accomplished

Attachment 5.  John Spooner volunteered to write a draft of our Bylaws by 
                       * accomplished 4-05-04

VOLUNTEERS  -previously emailed  to email/phone list  * final

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