[llamashowsupers] llama show information needed.

  • From: tim <tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: llamashowsupers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2009 21:11:35 -0500

Hi to all Llama Show Superintendents

This is a new limited, restricted email list just for llama show superintendents only. The purpose of this list is for llama show suppers to be able to talk to each other with out others causing problems, you will be able to help new show suppers, help each other with the new programs, talk about judges, and on anything else needed to be talked about for show supers only and only conversation about shows. This list will be tightly moderated so you don’t get a bunch of mail that means nothing to you. I don’t think there will be a lot of emails here. I will be using this list to find information on your show for the llama show.com website. Also when I get the new private info section of the llama show.com site that will only be open to show superintendents with a password. The password will be given out here. There will also be a judge section that will only be open for suppers also, so that password will come through this list also.

If you need any help with this list or know someone that is not on this list please let me know, I have to do all the changes myself. This list will stay clean and free of name calling and that kind of stuff. I need this list to find out your information and to let you know information that is for superintendents’ eyes only.

PLEASE take the time and let me know the following information on your show, give me at least as much information as you have right now. Here is what all I need to know. Please email to tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Name of show:

Location of show:




Date of show.

Superintendent name

Phone number

Email address

Show website if you have one:


TYPE of show: ALSA, ILR, LFA, CLA, Fun, Open, or Event

Special comments about your show:

I would be glad to host any of your forms that you might have.

Please get me as much or little as you can right now. I really need to get you on the calendar at least.

Thanks for everything

Tim Emler


To contact Tim to add information to your web page on llamashow.com please send to tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx --To unsubscribe from this list please send an email to llamashowsupers-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with 'unsubscribe' in the Subject field. -- To post on your mailing list, simply send email to llamashowsupers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx - Online, searchable archives of your list are available at //www.freelists.org/archives/llamashowsupers - There's a FAQ at //www.freelists.org/wiki/the_faq

This list will stay on subject all the time, so you don't get any junk mail. 
This site and llamashow.com are so important now because of all the different 
type of shows now. Please stay with us. Any ideas let me know.

Tim E.

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