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  • Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 00:21:30 EDT

Re. the thread on "why photos" here's one potential answer (and yes I'm 
sending this to both lists because both lists had a thread on the same topic 
and I 
don't really want to re-phrase this sentence so it can be different for each 
so sue me and sue me again for the disclaimer, you who know what I'm talking 
about and yes the question of "why did they tak pictures" seems to have 
to both Lit-Id and THEORIA so some immutable law seems to have been 
inconceivably broken):

<<    Baer's answer showed how he - and American Military Intelligence - 
understood Arab culture. Not only could a photo blackmail someone into becoming 
American agent, it carried a continuing threat of death, as Baer explained 
it. Given local attitudes toward sex, shame, and family honor, the prisoner 
that if the Americans ever showed the photo, he might expect his tribe to 
kill him. >>

Julie Krueger

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