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China Puts US on eBay ‘Government Sold Separately,’ Sales Listing Says

BEIJING (*The Borowitz Report <http://bit.ly/rhihai>*) – Showing its
impatience with the debt ceiling stalemate in Washington, China today took
the extraordinary step of putting the United States of America on eBay.

Officials at the online auction site said they believed it was the first
time a major Western nation had been listed for sale there “if you don’t
count Greece.”

In Beijing, the Chinese Finance Ministry said that it had considered waiting
until August 2 to see if the US would ever pay back its multitrillion-dollar
obligations, but ultimately decided to cut its losses.

“We think we’ll attract a buyer on eBay,” the Ministry said.  “Say what you
will about the US, it’s still one of the top fifty countries in the world.”

The sales listing for the US contains some interesting information, such as
China’s description of the former superpower as being in “fair to average

The listing also includes the stipulation “government sold separately,”
which the Finance Ministry took great pains to explain.

“We thought that including the government in the sale might turn off
potential buyers,” the Ministry said.  “Plus, the US government isn’t ours
to sell anyway – it’s owned by the Koch brothers.”

With no bidders in the first 24 hours on eBay, China admitted that it would
be challenging to unload the US, but it still held out hope that a buyer
would step forward: “We’ve got our fingers crossed for Zuckerberg.”

At the White House, press secretary Jay Carney said that he understood
China’s decision to sell the US, but warned that a buyer would have to turn
up on eBay before August 2: “After that, the Internet gets shut off.”

Julie Krueger

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