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It's  because  of 
> that group--and that issue has NOT been dealt  with
> around here by the gay  
> community. 

Why  should they deal with it? 

In one sense I do think that they ought not *have* to deal with it--that  
Carol and Stan are 'right' (what a funny word, isn't it ?) -- in that the  
behavior is quite different.
The reason, though that I say it should be 'dealt with' (and by that I mean  
that they should explain how it varies from that of pedophilia--for it 
DOES--but  it is blurred to a great number of people and though one would wish 
were not  so, it IS and I think that change has to occur in those situations 
only  often occurs if you can, without judgement state something like: this is 
like  this and this is like that--they are not the same. Until a light is 
shone, there  is no real way for those who might instinctively say they are 
uncomfortable with  the 'sameness' or lumping together of what (really) is 
different but has some  (to some) elements of the sameness. (oh, I am so in 
desire to 
be better able to  explain my thoughts! I shall work on this...for I have not 
had to really  articulate them to outside of those who need to hear them. <wry 
look> THEY  can understand what I am saying and then move a bit closer to 
where those who  are upset about where BSA is wish the ones involved would  be. 
([like the ten or so scout families that I was with this  afternoon/evening] 
are able to move from k to g ... and though they are not yet  to 'a', at least 
they are closer...and the nice thing about the discussion which  has been 
brought up was that it was an integral part of the 'party' which was  actually 
someone out of scouting but whom we all know [and three different  troops were 
represented...<g> so the thread of change which can occur can  spread...])
From talking to those involved and trying to figure out what the 'stumbling  
block' towards change is, there are two viewpoints that I have discovered in  
this arena of thought (ie why are not gays allowed to be scout  leaders...]   
That is--there is the main group which does not  understand the difference 
between someone who is gay (male or female, but in  this area it is focused on 
male primarily as that is what most people have  understood the issue to 
be--we're talking what they see and view, not what IS.  *I* recognize that both 
and female are/can be pedophiles and are separate  from the gay issue.  Most 
here see that separation for females but not for  males. THAT is the stumbling 
block and what needs, in my mind, to be addressed  if positive healthy change 
can occur)
The other issue and that is something that will be more difficult (in my  
mind) to address is whether or not being gay is a part of 'natural law' or not. 
THAT viewpoint is held (from what I can gather) by a small minority and will 
not  be of much significance once the education of the majority expands and 
there are  enough 'excuse me, why are we not changing' sorts of questions 
to the  national level. (this does happen in BSA quite a bit--it happens, 
even, on the  council level from the troops quite a bit and there IS a response)
The only reason for the gay activist groups to deal with this educational  
issue is because they would be addressing the uneducated fears of a general  
population which has little contact with the understanding of the difference  
between the groups of people--one which is (in my viewpoint) okay and healthy  
and the other which the rest of us ought to be concerned about for the sake of  
the little ones.  Sure, we all dislike the association of ourselves with  
someone who is not at all like us but with whom we have been 'lumped'.   But, 
need to make it clear that we are NOT associated with that person or  persons 
and thus ought not be subject to the same qualifications that the person  or 
persons are to be subject to.
To do that, ONE group or the other needs to realize the practical aspects  of 
education and just make that education happen. Sure, there are people like me 
 who are not part of the gay community who are doing what we can to  
alleviate/educate--but if there are people from a fringe group who are stepping 
during times like Gay Awareness Week and marching in the parades and holding  
up signs that advocate for love between men and boys, and no response (except  
consent by silence?) by the gay communities which are letting them do so 
without  clarification, even--it's hard.  It would make the education much 
(and faster) if there would be a few people/organizations who at least would  
state that 'that is not us, they are not gay--' in response. At least here, 
that  does not happen.  If the gay community (as well as people like me who 
would  appreciate for the sake of all equality and no discriminations based on 
sexual  orientation) would ALL say that there is a difference, it would make 
educational process easier. When it is just me and people not in the gay  
community who say so...it IS harder for those who are 'on the fence' to believe 
it to be so when they see/hear the other fringe saying that they are gay just  
like the rest of the gay community (but they are not--)
Marlena in Missouri
not afraid to talk about the three G's <g>

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