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saul a kripke did make the claim that sentences such as

x is [bearer of name] 'x'

are "trifling" in a derived sense (from treatment by Kneale) and dispute it
on rather serious basis

mao tse tung was called "mao tse tung"
as predicted by Kripke it is not very trifling, since it is false.

for the record the late J. Katz held precisely such a view, his arguments
were not trifling. see e.g. J phil, 98 of 2001, just before Jerry died,
which is sad

> "When I  make a statement about Moses,— am I  always ready to substitute
> some
> one  of these descriptions for  "Moses"?"
> "I shall perhaps say as  follows."
> "By "Moses" I  understand the man who did what the Bible  relates of Moses,
> or at any rate a  good deal of it."
> "But how  much?"
> "Have I decided how much must be  proved false for me to give  up my
> proposition as false?"
> "Has the NAME  "Moses" got a fixed  and unequivocal use for me in all
> possible  cases?
> "Is it not the  case that I have, so to speak, a whole series of  props
> inreadiness, and am  ready to lean on one if another should be taken  from
> under me and  vice  versa?"
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