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  • From: Adriano Palma <Palma@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 20 May 2015 01:03:50 +0000

Just in case, before the idiocies about grice take over, Moore has a serious
argument in my view.

Proof of an External World, a common sense argument against skepticism by
raising his right hand and saying "here is one hand," and then raising his left
and saying "and here is another". Here, Moore is taking his knowledge claim (q)
to be that he has two hands, and without rejecting the skeptic's premise,
proves that we can know the skeptical possibility (sp) to be not true.

The argument is not circular & it is not at all clear that the truth grounds of
what could be the case (the hallucination of the hands etc.) are in sense
stronger than the truth grounds for having two hands and having a perceptually
based knowledge of such a fact.

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