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      a friend  reciently, purchased a used 45" Mitsubishi, rear projection,
1995 model, From the classified ads . While the Television works great as it
were, it did not come with a remote. So I went out to Mitsubishi's sight and
could not find any information on that Television. In Fact they only had
doucmentation until 2000. I called their tech support and the gentle Lady
was very helpful, until the remote control issue came up. It seems that with
out original remote there is not much adjustments one can make. We did Find
a substitute remote that will do the basic functions, but to align the red,
blue, green guns can not be done.
  I guess, if you do purchase a used Big Screen television  make sure it has
the original remote control unit or , like in the HD's /Plasma's you won't
be able to align the projectors. I was Told by Tech support that the
Projectors should be re-aligned when ever the Television is moved.

   Joseph Wells

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> --- JulieReneB@xxxxxxx wrote:
> > I'm thinking it has to be easier than shopping for a
> > cell phone/pda
> > ....wireless, bluetooth, smart cellphones....plans,
> > contracts, minutes....
> > arrgghhhhh.......
> Interting thing about consumer tech nowadays is that
> is actually much more complicated than any of the pro
> stuff. I work with a bunch of people who could
> propably set up a UNIX server that feeds SMS, email,
> web pages, voice over IP, etc. to couple hundred
> thousand PDA/cell phones, and do so blind-folded, and
> still would be completely clueless with the PDA/cell
> phone. None of us can figure out the supposedly user
> friendly printer down the hall. And I'll bet the
> displays of all our VCRs blink 00:00.
> My dishwasher at home has more processing power than
> my first computer, the difference being that my first
> computer had a keyboard, display and generally did
> what I wanted it to do. The dishwasher has four
> butttons, small led display, and I can push the four
> buttons in any order and always get the same default
> program. And I did read the manual, but it appears to
> be a description of a machine in an alternate universe
> where basic engineering practices apply.
> Cheers,
> Teemu
> Helsinki, Finland
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