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What is truth? said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.

—Francis Bacon, Essays, 'On Truth'

'What is truth?' said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer. Pilate was in advance of his time. For 'truth' itself is an abstract noun, a camel, that is, of a logical construction, which cannot get past the eye even of a grammarian. We approach it cap and categories in hand: we ask ourselves whether Truth is a substance ... or a quality ... or a relation.... But philosophers should take something more nearly their own size to strain at. What needs discussing rather is the use, or certain uses, of the word 'true.' In vino, possibly, 'veritas,' but in a sober symposium 'verum.'

—J. L. Austion, 'Truth,' Proceedings of the Aristotelean Society (1950)

Further reading:

Entry on truth, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, which includes the following topics

1. The neo-classical theories of truth
1.1 The correspondence theory
1.1.1 The origins of the correspondence theory
1.1.2 The neo-classical correspondence theory
1.2 The coherence theory
1.3 Pragmatist theories
2. Tarski's theory of truth
2.1 Sentences as truth-bearers
2.2 Convention T
2.3 Recursive definition of truth
2.4 Reference and satisfaction
3. Correspondence revisited
3.1 Correspondence without facts
3.2 Facts again
4. Realism and anti-realism
4.1 Realism and truth
4.2 Anti-realism and truth
4.3 Anti-realism and pragmatism
5. Deflationism
5.1 The redundancy theory
5.2 Minimalist theories
5.3 Other aspects of deflationism
6. Truth and language
6.1 Truth-bearers
6.2 Truth and truth conditions
6.3 Truth conditions and deflationism
6.4 Truth and the theory of meaning
6.5 The coherence theory and meaning
6.6 Truth and assertion

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