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  • From: Ursula Stange <Ursula@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 21:01:36 -0500

Nicky is a (male) black lab. And this picture could have been taken this year, but wasn't actually. It's just one of my favourites. There's an unofficial dog beach here and one of the players is a Rhodesian Ridgeback -- a huge, clumsy, friendly, but nevertheless, regal dog. Not as well behaved as Nicky, though. Ken, my husband, sometimes has to send Nicky out to retrieve the Ridgeback from the frozen wastes. the Ridgeback's name is Kalimba -- an African thumb piano, I think.

We have a second dog as well -- a waif left on our doorstep. She's younger...also mostly black lab, but maybe a little Sheltie or something -- white blaze on her chest, very focussed stare -- intense concentration. Smaller than a lab, she can jump 3 feet straight into the air. Ken's going to start her in agility -- Nicky has a few ribbons, but Maggie is much more built for that. And she loves to chase the red dot of a laser pointer up and down the snowy hill in the back yard. Gets us an extra hour of sleep, I'm sure... Nicky couldn't care less -- she's such a child to him.

That's surely more than you wanted to know. Your dog looks beautiful. I actually called my husband over to see if he could tell the breed. But he wasn't sure, so I'm glad you wrote. Off to watch Mr. Grizzly or something...
All best,

Lawrence Helm wrote:

Interesting photo, Ursula. What breed is Nicky? I can't tell with all that
snow on him (her?). My two (both females) are Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Also,
the photos I posted were taking January 15th. This is what the dead of
winter looks like out here. I could post some more but . . .


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