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  • Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 08:17:24 EDT

It's almost 7:00 in the morning and I've gotten 4 hours sleep.  When  I'm 
stressed weird things come into my mind and I toss and turn until I get up  and 
do the computer thing.  I'll google these tomorrow, but I'm curious if  any of  
you just automatically know the answer or want to take a stab --  (and please 
don't ask why these kept me up tonight, er, last night ..... I don't  have 
the money for that much shrinking):
What is the source of the phrase "smart-alec"?
When did the song "Jimmy Crack Corn and I don't Care" come about and what  in 
the bloody blue blazes does it mean?
If you're annoyed by this post, know that I've had 5 hours sleep in the  last 
36 hours.
Chronic insomnia is not easy to cure -- Nightly I take 2 valerian (herbal  
supplement), 1 melatonin, 1 trazadone, and 2 benadryl.  Works for  about 4 
hours.  I wonder if anyone ever died of fatigue?  Don't answer  that.
Julie Krueger

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