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Fountainhead Earth

[ Movie tie-in front cover of Fountainhead Earth, featuring John 
Travolta as Dilbert.]

Fountainhead Earth is a twenty-volume philosophical fiction novel by 
Nobel prizewinning author Ayn Rand. It was Rand's last work of fiction, 
and all volumes after the first were published posthumously. All volumes 
made the New York Times Best Seller list, but the series received almost 
universal critical condemnation.

The series successfully achieved negative sales, with critics sending 
their copies back as returns, and more copies being remaindered than 
were actually printed.

Fountainhead Earth is not a series of twenty novels, it just feels like it.
Table of contents
1 Synopsis
2 Fountainhead Earth and Objectivism
3 Movie
4 Volumes


Bureaucratic aliens from the planet Stanton have invaded Earth, stifling 
all rational thought in a mere nine minutes. They enslave all the 
architects, forcing them to build fashionable and nonfunctional Doric 
façades in front of every McDonalds. Randroids, huge semi-mechanical 
creatures, a cross between a cyborg and a public-address system, stride 
the landscape in Ayn Borg Collectives.

Johnnie "Galtboy" Tyler (played by Keanu Reeves) comes along and meets 
Dilbert (played by John Travolta) and Wally (played by Forest Whitaker). 
Disgusted with their office politics and disregard for quality, Johnnie 
trains his tribe of cavemen in capitalism in one week and achieves a 
leveraged buyout of perfectly preserved Harrier jumpjets. He then flies 
these back to the planet Stanton and delivers a 40,000-page speech that 
bores the aliens literally to death.

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