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  • Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 23:03:59 -0500

  You guys are funny. At least I see you're receiving my question. That's 
comforting. Thanks!

  Stan Spiegel
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  Or, you've been raptured and don't know it.    Wait.  Do you hear that?  No, 
honest, listen.   [Big booming voice] This is [booming] Astro Zeneca.  This is 
my son, Lipitor ...  Welcome Mike Geary ...  

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    Stan Spiegel:
    >> I've just set up a new computer with a new Outlook Express, but I'm not 
getting any lit-ideas. Could you tell me whether this has arrived on anyone's 
inbox? (Or is it just lost in cyberspace?) <<

    I haven't been getting any lit-ideas either, Stan. For awhile now they've 
all have been dark and gloomy.  I thought it was just my age.  Must be 
something going around.

    Mike Geary

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