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is such a *fun* word to say....
<<tarradiddle \tair-uh-DID-uhl\, noun:
   1. A petty falsehood; a fib.
   2. Pretentious nonsense.

     Oh  please!  Even in the parallel universe, tarradiddles of
     this magnitude cannot go unchallenged.
     --"Taxation  in  the  parallel  universe," Sunday Business,
     June 11, 2000

     Mr  B  did  not  tell  a whopper. This was no fib, plumper,
     porker  or  tarradiddle.  There  was  definitely no deceit,
     mendacity or fabrication.
     --"Looking back," Western Mail, May 11, 2002

     Other  amendments,  such as a chef at the birthday party, a
     dancing bear in the hunting scene, and a brief solo for the
     usually pedestrian Catalabutte, seemed more capricious, and
     the synopsis suggested further changes had been planned but
     perhaps  found impractical. Some tarradiddle with roses for
     death  and  rebirth also necessitated different flowers for
     the traditional Rose Adagio.
     --John   Percival,   "The  other  St  Petersburg  company,"
     [1]Independent, November 22, 2001

   Tarradiddle is of unknown origin.


   1. http://www.independent.co.uk/

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