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Monday, August 8, 2005, 2:05:20 AM, Andy Amago wrote:

> AA> illegally, driving without a license, working without permission,
> AA> demands.  They ignore the law, set themselves above it, then want
> AA> protection from that very law.

JE>> that's one of the problems of civil rights: one of the men now
>> charged with conspiracy to murder called out to the police: "I have
>> rights".  You know something? He has rights.

AA> Of course he has rights, but so does society.  You're saying that if
AA> someone sneaks into a movie theatre they should demand their rights to stay
AA> and watch the movie?

If someone sneaks into a theatre they can be asked to
leave, but if before that or during that process they are injured,
they have the right to sue for compensation.  And they have the right
to be ejected without undue force. (Etc.)

 Encouraging people to be above the law does no one
AA> any service.

Violating people's rights does not encourage them to observe the
rights of others, and treating them as they should be treated does not
place them above the law.

(I don't know enough about the rights of people illegally resident in
the US to know what tort cases they can bring.)

>> AA>  Also, one of the reasons immigration is
>> AA> restricted by any country is to keep diseases out.  These immigrants
AA> just
>> AA> walk in, carrying their diseases with them.
>> We here began restricting immigration because a politician who'd
>> brought black people here to do jobs white people wouldn't do then
>> turned on them, spouted racist filth, whipped people up by lies.

I forgot to add that your immigration policy was, nonetheless,

AA> Can you explain please?  How does a politician bring black people somewhere
AA> to do jobs white people won't do?  Did he bring them in a bus, a boat?
AA> Pick them up hitchhiking?  If so, from where?  Did he advertise in a
AA> newspaper perhaps?  

If he's a Government Minister he seeks and encourages immigration from
(in particular) India and the West Indies.  As buses would be inadequate, they
tend to come by boat and plane.






etc. etc.

 And having brought them in, how does he then go about
AA> spouting racist filth and whipping up people with lies?  Does he use a
AA> bullhorn, a blog, a radio?  Please elaborate.

>Powell was noted for his oratorical skills, and for being a maverick who
>cared little about what harm he did to his party - or himself. On
>Saturday April 20th 1968 he made a controversial speech in Birmingham,
>in which he warned his audience of what he believed would be the
>consequences of continued unchecked immigration from the Commonwealth
>to Britain. Because of its allusion to Virgil saying that the Tiber would
>foam with blood, Powell's warning was christened the Rivers of Blood
>Speech by the press, and the name stuck.
etc.; the part they say (in the etc.) couldn't be proven is, we now
know, a lie.


the speech was widely reported by the press.

UK Ministers of the Crown don't need bullhorns and blogs, they get to
appear on TV, to make speeches to mass audiences, to talk on the
radio; their speeches are reported in the newspapers, and in the UK,
that means, in a massive genuinely national press: here are reports
and comments, by some of that press, on that speech (NB that was not
the only such speech of Powell's, but it is the major one always
mentioned here):


see also






and many more...

>> AA>  Sounds racist, doesn't it, to
>> AA> demand that people come into this country legally the way any other
>> AA> immigrants did and many still do.
>> Anti-immigration talk usually is racist, it isn't about white
>> immigrants who speak fluent English, whether they're in the US legally
>> or not.

AA> Last I looked, George Bush was pretty white and speaks English too.  He
AA> doesn't get special treatment from me. Ditto for God, who's also a white
AA> man one third the time.  Canadians aren't streaming into the country
AA> illegally by the millions, if that's what you're referring to, so I can't
AA> complain about them.  Who specifically are you referring to?  Also, what do
AA> you have against people doing things legally?

I think you misunderstand.

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