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I've read about the opera for a few days now.
An opera showing severed heads??  Must be a first.
I'll be sure to tell my sis-in-law who is a opera soprano in NY so she can  
get in on the fun.
Apparently the guy in question viewed Viet Nam films too often.
Julie Krueger

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Priest burns himself to death over  Islam
From David Crossland in Berlin

A retired priest committed  suicide by setting himself on 
fire in a German monastery in protest at the  spread of Islam 
and the Protestant Church’s inability to contain  it.

Roland Weisselberg, 73, poured a can of petrol over his head 
and  set light to himself in the grounds of the Augustine 
monastery in the  eastern city of Erfurt, where Martin Luther 
spent six years as a monk at the  beginning of the 16th century.

Witnesses said that Weisselberg climbed  into a building site 
next to the monastery church, where a Reformation Day  
service was being held. He shouted “Jesus and Oskar” before 
the flames  engulfed him. The latter name was an apparent 
reference to Oskar Brüsewitz,  a priest who burnt himself in 
1976 in protest against the Communist regime  in East 
Germany. Monastery staff tried to put out the flames and  
Weisselberg was still conscious as a nun prayed with him 
before he was  taken to hospital. He died a day later, on 

Media reports  said that he had tried to kill himself inside 
the church but changed his  mind when he found the side door 
was locked.

The Provost of Erfurt,  Elfriede Begrich, told reporters that 
Weisselberg’s widow had said that he  killed himself because 
he was alarmed at the spread of Islam and the  Church’s 
stance on the issue.

She described Weisselberg as an erudite  man who had 
addressed repeatedly the Church’s position on Islam in  
meetings over the past three to four years. He had written 
to her,  urging her to take the matter more seriously, she said.

The Protestant  Bishop of Saxony, Axel Noack, said the 
suicide had shocked the community and  that he hoped it would 
not hurt relations between Christians and  Muslims.

“We in the East are still among ourselves when we discuss  
Islam,” said Bishop Noack, adding that there were not many 
Muslims in  the area.

Relations with Muslims have been a matter of intense debate  
in Germany in recent months, stoked by the cancellation of a 
Mozart  opera in Berlin amid fears that it could provoke 
Muslim violence, and a  speech by the Pope in September in 
which he quoted from a medieval text  linking the spread of 
the Islamic faith to violence.

The Berlin  Deutsche Oper has said that it will stage the 
opera, which has a scene  showing the severed heads of the 
Prophet Muhammad, Jesus and  Buddha.


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