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Any thoughts on the Averbakh variation of King's Indian ? I asked my Facebook 
friends but I haven't got any replies... :( Maybe they don't live in my head 
after all :)

 From: Julie Krueger <juliereneb@xxxxxxxxx>
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I'm a little surprised at these replies because I've been given to understand 
by my grown daughters (19 & 21) that chalkboards and white boards have not been 
used in some time, that chalk is a thing of the past and difficult to find for 
purchase here in the city, and that "everyone, Mom (rolling of eyes) uses 
smartboards".  They're apparently ubiquitous in public school class rooms -- 
interesting.  They can't fund teaching of grammar, literacy, or science, but 
they can afford smartboards.  Frankly, sometimes I think such techi moves serve 
as a soothing feeling to cover the uncomfortable fact that they really aren't 
doing anything to improve education -- how can they?  The current crop of adult 
teachers weren't educated in their public school experience.  (Climbing down 
off my soap box now, at least for a minute). 

My daughters can't help with using the smartboards because they didn't actively 
use them - only watched while the teachers did.

 What I urgently need to know about Smartboards is if they interface with files 
across OS's, if files on my laptop can be pulled up on them.  I am using a text 
which I don't want the students to have to purchase because the use is spotty, 
and I want to scan a few pages that have color illustrations and throw them up 
on the smartboard -- color copies of such pages would cost me an arm & a leg 
and I don't really want to have to go through that much color ink.  The 
smartboard seemed the optimal solution, IF it'll do it -- I'm walking in to the 
classroom on Tuesday and trying to pull my act together at the last minute, 
only just having gotten a class roster and room assignment this week.

Julie Campbell
Julie's Music & Language Studio
1215 W. Worley
Columbia, MO  65203

On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 1:19 AM, Omar Kusturica <omarkusto@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

As one of Julie's Facebook's "friends", I would have surely replied if: 
>1. I saw the question
>2. I had any idea about the topic
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>Subject: [lit-ideas] Re: smartboards ?
>Julie Krueger wrote:
>> One would think (well, this one would), that with all the "friends" I have 
>> on Facebook, a general plea for anyone with experience with smartboards 
>> would receive a response.  One would be wrong.  Considering all the teachers 
>> who are on this list, I thought I'd throw the net out here.  I haven't been 
>> in a classroom in years (I teach privately in my home Studio), and am going 
>> to be teaching starting next week in a classroom equipped with a smartboard 
>> -- I have a couple basic questions about the way they function.  Anyone 
>> willing to let me pick your brain a bit?
>We have them in several classrooms, although I haven't taught in a room with 
>one yet.  I'm supposed to know the basics, although I wasn't paying much 
>attention a year ago when they tried to tell us about them but it looked like 
>we weren't actually going to get any for a long time.  I can always ask some 
>of my other Luddite (caps?)
 teacher friends about questions I don't know, or I can just make up a likely 
answer, but I'm willing to help if I can.  I can say that a few things I 
remember gave the distinct impression of them being pretty "dumb" boards for 
being so smart.
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