[lit-ideas] Re: smartboards ?

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  • Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2012 23:16:07 +0200

This evening the topic of Smartboards came up serendipitously in a telephone conversation with a former colleague (in England) who has worked with Smartboards (and has a friend [in Canada] who worked for a company which develops them).

He said that one can view - and use - a Smartboard as a large external monitor; i.e., one hooks up one's laptop (he did not explain how that was done) and whatever one calls up on one's laptop screen will appear on the 'board.

His one piece of advice that seemed worthy of forwarding is: until one has some training or experience with the 'touch screen' features of Smartboards it is better simply to ignore those features (i.e., not attempt to use them) and to treat the Smartboard as a large external monitor.

This is all hearsay - but I hope that it helps.

Chris Bruce,
global villager, in
Kel, Germany
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