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Two  dozen types of eyes, thousands of different kinds of sea plankton that 
do the same thing, an Earth that has been bombarded by massive asteroids  and 
all life forms 
nearly wiped out some six times: that's not design in  any meaningful sense.

Well, I don't know.  Supposedly we were created in the image of the  Creator. 
 Think what that means:  Creator...creative...who said  anything about 
I'm not too sure that People are all that intelligent.  Creative,  yes.  
Bright, yes.  Thoughtful, yes.  Complexity in the  simple, yes.  The simple in 
complex, yes.  Just because we  don't understand the design does not mean 
that there is no plan or purpose. I  can look at wires in a created-by-human 
medical tool and marvel at the  creativity--but it sure does not look like it 
planned out very well.   Even an automobile engine does not look all that 
meaningfully designed.   But, it does work (usually) for what it was created 
for...maybe the bombardment  was designed to see how the life forms would grow 
develop and learn. Maybe  that was the design.  Personal growth and 
development is not something we  usually do unless forced, you know. <g>  SO, 
maybe as a 
species (and  other species as well?), such a design was necessary.  
But, I do wonder, as well.  Especially with the word:   "Intelligent".  I 
look around and have my doubts...  But, we were  created in the Creator's 
Not the "Intelligent One's" image.   So why would we think Our Creator was 
all that intelligent?    Creative, yes.  Practical, hm.  Don't know.   
Intelligent?  What is intelligence, anyway?  (I think of one of  our neighbors 
growing up who would come over and help us out on the  farm--he would tell us 
kids "You dad, we love him here. He's smart enough to put  a man on the moon 
half the time we don't understand him. Still, he means  well.  But it sure is 
a good thing that he has us nearby.  Your farm  would never make it 
Of course, there are lots of theories on Creation in so many  religions.
I would like, actually, to make a compilation of them.  (If one  already 
exists, would someone point me to to it?)   I also do agree  that if we are 
to be teaching Creationism in schools that we ought to be  teaching ALL 
Creationist theories.  So, maybe we need to add that as  an added bonus to the 
textbooks (and people thought those in Kansas were  bad--at least they were 
not insisted it be in the textbooks--only  that Creationism be taught in 
schools and evolution be taught  as 'theory'.) 
So, does the fundamentalist Islamic viewpoint of Creation differ from  that 
of the fundamentalist Christian?  What about the other more moderate  Islamic 
viewpoints?  Any differences in the sects of either Islam or  Christianity?
What is the Hindu viewpoint of Creationism?  Buddhist?    Different sects 
within either of them?  Who else ought I be asking?   Native Americans, I 
suppose, have some.
How well thought out are they or are they simply myths and legends?   Do any 
of them have such Creationist Societies which look for the scientific  
underpinning of Creationism? 
Luck in the shadows, great blessings in the light,
Marlena in Missouri

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