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> is about all many people remember if the Philosophical
> Investigations
> should be
> is about all many people remember *of* the Philosophical
> Investigations
> Robert Paul

Thanks to Robert Paul for his reply in this thread.

On the question of slips, perhaps more significant is -

"43) in full reads: 'For a _large_ class of cases 
[eine _groBe_ Klasse von
Fallen]_in which we employ the word "meaning" it can 
be defined thus: the
meaning of a word is its use in the language."

The version in my copy is fuller afair - it inserts or perhaps interpolates
"though not for all" ie. there are cases that fall outside this large class.
This surely means that LW is not merely saying that we know that largely
'meaning is use' but he has in mind cases where it is clearly not. Cp. 'We
know many of the dead are civilians' with 'We know many of the dead - but not
all - are civilians'.


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