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In regard to Sigismundo . . . the idea that I might have wrought devastation
if I had applied myself to the military or politics is interesting, probably
safer to have left me in my (tower) library.  J


Hoffmanstahl's melancholy might be close to the mark, but only temporarily.
A friend has noticed that my writing tends to lose its melancholy flavor
when Spring arrives. 






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Dear Lawrence, you may want to consider sigismundo on not being in the tower
and not being freed from captivity, but also the Trauerspiel by HvH





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            This dream of reality eludes

            If we are fair. We measure

            Ourselves against each other's

            Awareness then rear up 

            And howl that we know

            All that there is and will

            Be; yet when we are old


            With hubris hidden away

            Like something forgotten 

            In the pocket of a coat

            We feel a knobby nudge,

            The catch in the throat,

            The blinking of our eyes

            At the passing image that


            Is nothing at all.  What then

            At such a day's end?  Shall we

            Hunker down, watch and wait?

            If so, what of the man who raised himself

            So long ago and sought to know it all?

            He is down the hall at his desk tinkering

            With a few words before his morning nap.




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