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<<Mike Geary  being diplomatic  

Oh please -- don't hold back.....tell us how you really  feel......>>
Julie Krueger

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>> Well, I don't agree.   Without Geraldo all we'd have  is Bush's version. <<
Well, I don't agree.  With Geraldo we have Bush's version plus a  phony 
sentimentalism that not only doesn't challenge Republican laissez-faire  
but plays into it's hands, distracting the people from failed policies  with 
easy emotionalism.  
>> Why is reporting on horror automatically called  schlock?  
It isn't.  It's how it's reported on that makes it schlock. A  reporter 
crying while giving his report should clue you in  that something other than 
reportage is happening here.
>> And I don't care if Geraldo is the best actor in the world  shedding the 
biggest crocodile tears in the world, the situation he was in  called for 
No, it didn't, goddamnit.  It called for dispassionate,  investigative 
reporting.  What he does is cheap and easy and destructive to  the very nature 
the press.  The press was once a bulwark against the  rich and powerful -- 
OK,  it's a spotted history at best,  granted -- but that's how it should be 
and now it's practically become the  primary tool or the r & p.  Geraldo and 
his kind cry over those  who suffer, but never dare challenge the power 
structure as to why they're  suffering.  I assume you know why.  
>> Many people interviewed, black and while, cried.  It's  an extreme 
Yes, it is an extreme situation, but not for Geraldo.  Once this  
assignment's over with, he's off again to his multi-million dollar life --  as 
if he'd 
ever left it.  Even if Geraldo is genuinely overcome with so  much emotion that 
he can't help but cry,  well, shouldn't any editor worth  his salt would edit 
that out .  Else it's a story about Geraldo and  his sorrows, not the problems 
of the victims or the proposed solutions that the  citizenry need to know.  
Fuck Geraldo.  Fuck all those smalled-souled  shits making hundreds of millions 
off the suffering and sorrw of those  abject people.  Geraldo and his ilk 
will reap windfall profits  from this thing, trust me.  I despise and revile 
Mike Geary
being diplomatic 

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