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  • From: Robert.Paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Robert Paul)
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  • Date: 29 Oct 2004 13:44:39 PDT

I think people like roller coasters (I know this is why I love them) 
because of the wind rushing through your hair, the palpable feeling of 
speed, the sudden acceleration (people LOVE acceleration) in all 
directions, the fluttering in your stomach, the appearance that you are 
surely going to die tempered by the intellectual knowledge that you most 
likely won't, and last but not least, because people LOVE a controlled 
fall. That's what walking is.
I realize that this list is called Lit-Ideas, so we must give high-toned
explanations for our baser motives but, although I'm sure Paul really does like
the wind in his hair, the 'fluttering' in his stomach, etc., the only reasons I
went on what would be now a roller coaster for tiny tots, were:

(1) All of my friends I'd gone to the amusement park with were going on it.

(2) It was understood that if you sat by a girl, she would hold onto you for
dear life once the ride began, girls being scared and clingy and in need of the
reassurance offered by a strong male presence.

(3) I had to maintain face with my male peers.

I doubt if things have changed much except for the rides themselves.

Robert Paul
The Reed Institute
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