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On 26-Aug-08, at 1:15 AM, Robert Paul wrote:

From a debate between Ft. Hays College and the University of Pittsburgh. I think the guy with the hair is the Ft. Hays debate coach. (He was relieved of his faculty position for conduct unbecoming.)


Wow!  I've obviously been extra-mural far too long ....

Just in case some list members aren't up on the latest in 'post- ideological expressionism', here's a hint:

Post-modern = POMO (first 2 letters of each of the components). Analogously, take the first 2 letters of 'rational' and (since we're now at the *end* of the story) the *last* 2 letters of 'discourse': RASE. Now, as postmodernists, we want an ironic comment on 'rationality', (especially as our protagonist is responding to a lot of 'fornicate elsewhere's, etc.; hardly the pinnacle of 'rational discourse' itself). So we *reverse* the first 2 letters.


And here in this video we have it, eloquently 'expressed', at the very limits of (body) language - and in the heat of debate without a moment's pause for thought! (It's only old fogeys like me who need all that semantic jockeying.)

Relieved of his position, eh?. No doubt some school more cognizant of contemporary anti-theory will offer him a Chair for his, er, .....

Chris Bruce
extemporizing a posteriori, in
Kiel, Germany

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