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I think this is fascinating.  
<<An Expert Interview With Dr. John Sarno, Part II: Pain Management Prophet 
or Pariah?
Posted 06/14/2004 
Editor's Note:
John E. Sarno, MD, is a pivotal figure in the arena of pain management 
because of his hotly debated approach to the diagnosis and management of back 
Dr. Sarno, Professor of Clinical Rehabilitation Medicine at New York 
University School of Medicine, and Attending Physician at The Rusk Institute of 
Rehabilitation Medicine at New York University Medical Center, is the author of 
books that postulate the theory that most back pain is triggered by 
psychological origins instead of by a physiological defect.

A.A.  For those who haven't seen it, The Singing Detective is exactly about the 
protagonist carrying his repressed emotions from childhood in his skin in a 
horrendous case of body-wide psoriasis.  In the movie the medical doctors 
finally give up and introduce him to psychologist Mel Gibson, at which point he 
begins to heal.  The movie is new, but there was a BBC (PBS) production of it 
probably about 30 years or so ago.  Thumbs up for the movie, but if I had to 
pick, I think the BBC production was better.

Also, doctors are among the most conservative people in the world, extremely 
tradition-bound.  By the time information gets to the stage where doctors are 
dispensing it, that information most likely has been around for a long time.  
In many cases, such as here, 100 years isn't long enough.

Regarding the power of the mind to invent symptoms, a few years ago experiments 
compared "ghost surgery" on the knee to real surgery, where some people were 
actually operated on, and another group was convinced they were operated on but 
had no surgery at all.  Both groups did equally well.  It was very shocking 
when it first came out.

In any case, my unconscious is telling me to get to bed.  Thanks for posting 
this Judy.  Very interesting.

Andy Amago

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